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I had this neighbor that lived in front of me.  She lived with this geek guy for about a year before they got married.  We were friendly and talked a lot.  I got invited to a Halloween party at their house and she was very friendly with me and the other males attending.  Her new husband watched her like a hawk and was very jealous....  She was coming out of the bathroom and I was getting ready to go in and she looked in my eyes and rub her perky 34 B **** up against my arm.  We did not do anything that night.  Then we all had another neighbor that got married and we all went in different cars.  My wife and I left the wedding and went to a local bar not to long after we arrived in walked this neighbor and her husband.  The came to our table and asked if they could join us.  We said yes and they joined us.  She sat next to me and her husband sat across from me it was dark.  I went to the bar to get drinks and this neighbor lady join me and I whispered in her ear I wanted to make love to her and kiss my ear and went back to the table.  I returned and asked her to dance she jump at it she had a short mini skirt on and we were belly rubbing I had my leg between her and she was rubbing that hot ***** all over me.  I slide my hand down to her breast and started to massage her **** Through her thin bra and blouse.  She was getting hot and I knew I had it.  We dance all night long the wife never had a clue I want to **** this lady.  We all left and went to eat a early morning breakfast before going home.  The next weekend my wife had to go somewhere all day.  I was home and out in the yard.  She walked over and started to talk let me know her husband was gone to a football game which he would be gone all day.  She had a pair of very tight shorts and a halt top and no bra.  I asked her if she wanted a drink and she agreed.  After we were in the house.  She and I started drinking and one thing lead to another we kissed and I slowly undressed her and she was standing there in just her very small Lacy panties and perky hard nipples. I started to lick and suck her nipples and she started to moan and push hard against me.  I was playing with her nipples kissing and pulling at them I moved down and started to kiss her stomach and then I slow pulled her panties off with my teeth.  I could smell her sexy juices flowing.  I started to lick her **** and she went wild I moved her to the sofa and she stand down and spread her legs I was in heaven I started to eat, lick and suck her **** and **** and she was so wet it did not take long before she was *******.  She had me sit on the sofa after she removed my shorts and gave me the best head.  I started to blow my load and I told her that I was going to *** she sucked hard and when I *** she swallow it all.  We laid on the sofa playing around and it did not take me long before I was hard again and she got on top of me and guide my hard **** in her very wet *****.  She was riding me hard and it was not long before she was ******* and man did she ***.  I had her turn around and mounted her from behind and got her really wet and I started to finger her ***. I did this to get her use to it.   I then pulled my **** and slide it at the opening of her *** she tried to get away but I grab her and slide it in any way.  She squirmed but I hit bottom and just held her there until she got use to it then I started to move slow in and out and it was not long before she got into it and started asking me **** her *** harder and she played with her **** and we both blew our top and filled her *** full.  Then we just fell over.  She told me I was her first in her *** so that day I pop her cherry......  What a hot piece of ***!!!!!

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that was hot!

did you do her again?

That was a hot story.. I like to blow up in a hot *** like hers.

Dats a nice pik sleeper 2 ..who r u..wer do u stau

Thanks. wifie in her younger years.

Wer do u stay ..

Would luv to blow u up

Sounds fine.I have pic of can add me, since I can't add you

Wud luv to blow u up

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Thsts so dsyymn nice wish I could have the same thing dine

Daymn I wish I hade,something like this anybody wana **** or do something im 21 m

damn u r so lucky wish i was u.great hot sex story thought

You should learn to proof read your posts or learn how to spell.

any sexgods out there? I'll blow you and your mind

Dis is digrace u hav 2stop it

Lol I'm only 17 and I had that same experience. I was the hot girl next door to the 18 year old that goes to my school and one day after work I went over to just chill and he got me drunk and I ended up in his bed ....he said I was the best he ever had lol

This older guy would love to play with a hot young girl like you. Add me.

I'll let you play with me ;)

How old are u?

wow. wher do you live?
lets get drunk at my place...

add me! :D

Lol..curious gal....wer do u stay

Wow curious girl...let's meet up...m 18...vl enjoy

Wer r u curious girl

Curious girl ...I Wud also luv to hav u

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Good story with a good neighbor but I am waiting for the same to happen with me.

just being neighbourly huh?<br />
let me know when you plan to move out. l V ol!!

Ooo wow...izom Dats a nice pikk...let's meet up ...I Wud luv to blow

wow...thanks 4 share....need more to read

Did you write any more stories about hooking up with your neighbor?<br />
<br />
Good story.

And then What happen u woke up ??! Lol

And then What happen u woke up ??! Lol

wow! amazing story

i want to *** i her face

men iwant to *** in he face

men iwant to *** in he face

hmmm that women you ****ed had a geeky husband? She doesn't sound too hot. Mainly because most of the women that have geeky husbands are not hot at all, lol.

ok so dude, you were dancing wit the chick at a bar while your wife and her husband were at the table? you were groping her **** in front of your wife and her husband? this story sounds like bogus, and u pretty much r*aped her in her ***, perv.

I love red heads. Was her bush red too? What a great neighbor. Hope you guys met up a few times.

Yaaaa plater puss I wud luv to meet u asap

Great story. Did you keep screwing her now and then?

If you're going into uncharted territory, it pays to be bold...

I agree completely with romell

good god lucky you...must post a pioc of hers...

great story! i wish i had a hottie for a neighbor. let us know more about those good ******* times! thanx!

Oh no we had several good ******* times!

Did you two do more afterwards? I cannot imagine that was a one time only thing.