Downstairs Neighbor

I moved about a month ago to my new place.  I got home from a late night of drinking at 6am and found a note that said, "You basically sleep on top of me every night.  We should at least know each others names.  I'm Brittany."  Talked to her the next night.  She came up in her sports bra and rolled up shorts.  Tight little 21 year old ***.  We had a few drinks and then i made her ***.  Thank God she is a screamer bc my next door neighbor is a girl I used to have sex with till she showed how bitchy she was.  There was no way she didn't hear us.  :)


So a little update.  This morning at 5am I was woken up by my neighbor that I share the wall with....the one I ****** already.  She was moaning loud and obviously trying to get back at me.  IDK why she waited so long.  She is hot and could have ****** someone else a long time ago.  Anyway she was making it pretty obvious she was trying to make me jealous or something though i really didn't care.  So I started to play with the girl I had brought home.  She was still asleep and i was spooning her from behind.  I gently lifted her leg with mine and started to play with her ***** that I had beated up earlier.  It didn't take long for her to get wet.  When I started to shove my **** in her she woke up and started kissing me franticly.  Obviously very horny.  She her what was going on next door and had the same thought as I did.  I started ******* her doggy style slapping her *** and pulling her hair.  She was screaming crazy loud.  She put me on my back and turned around in reverse cowboy and put my **** in her ***.  I got an empty beer bottle from next to the bed and started ******* her ***** at the same time.  She squirted everywhere twice and I am pretty sure we won the battle.  Better luck next time neighbor.

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5 Responses Jul 11, 2009

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wish it was me

It sounded good until the beer bottle. Bottle in my sweet li'l puss? No thanks.

subtle revenge :-) lol

Well done. Good for you, man.

I want to hear more too! Details please!