Neighbor Boy

I've had a crush on my neighbor boy for quite some time, when I found out he was being deployed to Iraq I had to act on my feelings. It was easy to get him to join me in a fun filled summer before he was shipped out and I miss him already. He's 19 and I let him enjoy anything that he wanted. I hope he remembers me!

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Love all your stories and lifestyle please add me I want to hear more :)

Probably he *********** thinking of you in Iraq....

Trust me, he will remember you. In fact his entire unit will probably be thinking about you. :)

I would love to read a graaphic description of this adventure.

HOPE he remembers??? IIt will create hard-ons for him as long as he lives. You should welcome him home with more of the same. Would increase his survival instincts if he knew what was waiting for him.

how often did he **** you

I don't think anyone could forget an experience like that. I certainly still remember my early sexual experiences fondly.

Oh he will. When I was in college and law school I had several lovers in their late 20's to mid 30's. These have left me with some of the best memeories of my life. A sexually mature woman with power and confidence, who knows what they want and aren't afraid to demand it and teach me was always a huge turn on for me. They taught me a great deal. He will remember you forever, and unless he's a dunce you will have made him a better lover for any future woman in his life.

He will remember for the rest of his life

Lucky lucky boy!!

I'm sure he remembers you, and probably gets a little grin on his face everytime he does. :)<br />
Good for you!

LMFAO I echo AllAboutLaffs sentiments! As if you don't know very well you NstyLisa's legacy is now assured amongst as many troops that fortunate young man is able to brag to! :) Hell I can envision the possibility that your slutty nature becomes legend. I'm sure tales of your uninhibited behavior have filtered across to the sexually repressed young arabian men resulting in mass defections by hundreds of horny horny crazed Islamic virgin soldiers seeking their individual "pursuit of happiness" :) The losses are much too great for the enemy to bear causing them to surrender. Modern day technology such as text, pic and video messaging make you and your boytoy international heroes. Ironically the institution of religion, which is responsible for successfully hijacking the brains of millions of people thereby allowing the ex<x>pression of sexual freedom, especially by women to be accepted, as an extremely limited, potentially devastating activity to be controlled strict codes of moral ettiquette rather then the perpetual smile causing, stress eliminating act capable of providing limitless heights of ecstasy that it is!! :)<br />
I proudly nominate NstyLisa for President and formally announce myself available to serve in your Cabinet.

Where were you when I went off to war? Would have loved a sendoff like you gave your neighbor!

Wow! What a great way to show your patriatism! Judging from your attitude and avitar, you will not be forgotten ever. Even by me that just read about it! LOL<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing this