I have seduced a few neighbors. Called them over on some pretext and then seduced them ;)
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Lucky neighbors!!

Any houses for sale on your street?

Wish I were your neighbor

Wow, perfect type of experiences to write about in detail. Please do, would love to hear the stories.

You sound like my neighbour,called me to in block her sink and I blocked her plumbing

Keep working on her plumbing

I've got a big plunger

Clean her pipes

Trouble is it gets very wet up there

be very thorough man.

I have to feel with my finger for any blockage

Good way to feel for the blockage. saying you have to keep making more appointments. to fix the problem

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I have neighbour like you,calls me over to do a little job then is always scantily dressed and getting me horny

Do you have fun with that neighbor or no

Oh yes,lots

Are you still having fun with her or no

Not for two weeks she's away

Sorry to hear that man. But when she is back home. How often do you two have your fun. Is she married or single

She is married and maybe twice a week

Has her hubby ever found out or no. How old is that sweet neighbor

He hasn't a clue and she's 53

Good for you man. Hope when she getts back you can do some fixing around her place

You want to add me?

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How come I don't meet girls like you? Lol

Sounds like some very lucky neighbors. Are you still ******* all of those neighbors or are they in the past

You sound like a very nice neighbor.

Won't you be, my neighbor? Lol

I want to be your neighbor

you can be on skype