i was young ... preteen when we moved house. next door an older man lived alone his wife having died. i would go round and chat with him quite innocently at first. one day he was showing me some old photos and invited me to sit on his lap. i suddenly felt something hardening underneath me an his fingers travelled up between my thighs. i loved it and he knew .....
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I hope you were commando

Would love to hear more ... that's really arousing xxx

You had, My Dear, what I call a VERY Natural Experience!

thank u .... so glad u think so

Your light body on him. He is bigger than you. Comforting. The hardening is something that happened when you climbed on him. You caused it. Instinctively you feel it. You are connected in a way you never knew. You are a little afraid.

well written and provocative...would you please add me?

having a cute young girl on his lap sent him over the edge and you helped him in his moment of distress lol

Have you found daddy yet, I seemed to have lost mine.

i would have loved to have been that neighbor

maybe we could replay that experience now and see what else we can *** up with

Message me and tell me the rest of what happened bby. X

Are you still in contact with that man. Or has he passed away,.

hes passed away. there were more after him tho

Their was more neighbors after him. Was that the only time you and him had sex or where their other times.

Mmmm nice story!

Please, don't stop there - tell us the rest!!

and then what happened