When I was about 26, I bought my first Condo. The neighbor next to me was a beautiful lady in her mid-30”s. She was a single working professional and was rarely there. She had a great body and a beautiful smile. Her eyes could undress you. We would see each other coming and going but there never seemed to be any real interest in more. This went on for a year or so. One day we got to talking and for whatever reason, the feeling was different. I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner and she said yes. We went and had a great dinner with lots of drinks. When we got home I asked her if she wanted to come in and she said yes. Within thirty minutes, we are totally naked and having insane sex. Her body was perfect and I could not get enough of her. The next morning as we lay in the bed after having sex again, I asked her what happened, how did this take so long. She told me she never wanted to have sex with her neighbors but she was being transferred and would be moving shortly and did not want to leave without seeing how good I was in bed since she had seen so many different women come and go from my condo since she lived there! The next few weeks we had sex daily but then she was gone and I have never heard from her again.
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At least you have the memories of her man. Have you thought of tracking her down on social media.

That's a shame.