One morning i was repairing a section of fence that separates my yard from the house next doors yard. The women who was renting the house at the time came out in her robe and was chatting to me while I was finishing up. Anyhow she invited me in for a coffee. She had not lived there very long and I had never really meet her aside from a wave and a hello to this point. Anyhow apparently she was an ER nurse and worked a night shift so shes generally home all day. I was enjoying chatting and getting an eyeful of this attractive lady in her short robe when the next thing I know we were going at it like dogs in heat. Unfortunately she only lived in that house for just over a year. But we did screw several times. She would pop over in the morning after my wife went to work every so often if she knew I was home.
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At least you have the memories of that gorgeous lady. Are you still in contact with her or is she in the past

Lucky you ;)