The Girl Next Door!

i had a couple move in next door from brazil. an noticed that evertime i was outside doing yard work nicole would always be outside sun bathing i always thought she was very flirty an she always had on trunks that showed her cheeks. i never wear shirts when working in the yard an she always comments about my muscles. the neighbor across the street said that  he thought she had the hots for me an laughed. one day i had all the windows open an was cleaning the bedroom when i noticed nicole watching me from her window. she motioned me to come over so i nodded yes when i got to the door she let me in an we talked an laughed then she reached over an grabbed my crotch an said she wanted me to **** her. we went into the shower an we started kissing then she slowly worked her way down an started sucking on my ****. her lips were so soft an while she took my **** in an out of her mouth she softly stroked my balls in her hand. all i could think about was her hot  *** so i stopped her before i blew my load an she stood up an i told her to turn around. she leaned forward an grabbed the shower bracket an then i took the tip of my hard **** an pushed it inside her. she was so tight an she moaned as my **** got deeper inside. i looked down an watched my hips pump her cute *** then i started pumping harder an faster then i pulled out an shot **** all over her ***! she then turned an we began to kiss. the neighbor across the street keeps asking me if i'm banging her an i tell him no cuz i don't won't to ruin a good thing!!!

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2 Responses Nov 22, 2009

Sound like a great thing

like to hear the details

i am so curius .