Sex With My Nephew

i'm 32 and already married. However I do have high sexual needs. I have a hot nephew 22 years old, and she's always give me lots of chances to seduce her... always...

I realize that she's actually interested with me. When I was at her house, she always wear long shirt without pants. She keeps on trying to spread wide her leg and show her ***** to me, even from a distance. Her house is quite compacted with furniture because of the size of the house. Therefore we have tight space to walk. When I was walking to the kitchen, she stands near to the door, facing her ***. When I walk bypassing her, she moves her *** towards me touching my penis, and its getting harder. She smiles at me and I reply it and rub her ***. It ends just like that, because I was so afraid at that time.

One day, I happen to go to her house to take some stuffs. Her parents was not there and she's alone. When I ring the bell, she came and open the door. She wore short & tight shirt with pants. I told her I want to pick up something, and she let me in off course.

She went up immediately while I search for my stuffs. After I found it, I have a sit on the couch. Suddenly she came down and I was really shocked! She just wearing the shirt covering part of her bottom thigh. My penis starts to get harder. She sit exactly opposite me and spread her leg wide. I can see her ***** very clearly. Its clean, shaved and pink color. She really turn me on. I straight away go to the room next to me and look for towel. I take off everything and wear the towel immediately. I return to he couch and do the same she did to me. She started feel horny. I ask her to come ans sit on top of me, and she do it without asking too much. Her ***** touch my penis.

I can't stand anymore and told her "This is just between us. Nobody should know this ok?"

She told me "Sure. I wish I can have you everyday"

I start kiss her and she suck my tounge wildly. Looks like she has lots of experience.

We lay on the floor and start *******. She's really good in *******. We **** and **** for about 30 minutes. She ****** 3 times and its my turn to shoot my *** out of my head! She's still on top of me. I told her I want to *** but she refuse to take my penis out from her *****... She told me to just ***!

After few minutes, I can't wait any longer an I load all of my *** inside her... She get up and my *** flowing out from her *****. She take it all and lick it and swallow it.

I just can't believe what I'm seeing.

Since that, she always call me when she's alone. She told me she loves to have sex with me and always looking for chance to do it everyday. We had few times in hotel, stay there for 1-2 nights and have long sex session.

Till now we still have sex together, and I'm looking forward to seduce her and ask her to bring her girl friend so that we can have wild 3some.


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4 Responses Dec 19, 2009

Lies all the way

he is joking.i hate liars.

I think that English is a second language for you and you meant niece, not nephew.

You are doing well with her and now push the envelope to make it a 3some with her girlfriend. Maybe she just wants you and nobody else. Man is never satisfied.