Swapping Preacher And Wife

We did join a fundamentalist church one time and the preacher and his wife invited us to their hourse for dinner. After dinner we talked until late and they insisted that we stay the night. We agreed and talked and joked a lot. I was surprised as they brought up the subject of swapping and how they used to swap,,,,well before he became a minister later in life. We were young in our early 20's and they were in their 40's. The preacher brought out some wine (surprising) and we all started drinking. The next thing we knew we were dancing with each other. The preachers wife did the pelvic dance on me and of course I got rock hard. I noticed that the preacher was holding my wife close and she seemed to be enjoyig it. I was thinking that we might be asked to swap and I knew I was ready if my wife was. I kept watching her as she danced and flirted with the preacher. Then the preachers wife whispered in my ear, "I want you. Do you want me?" I mumbled out, "yea, damn right".
She said, "Dont worry, my husband already has your wife agreeing. He told me she had agreed."
Well, although I was shocked, I did like the idea of getting up between her legs. Apparently my wife wanted him so there was nothing else to negotiate.
I whispered to my wife, "Have fun!", and kissed her good night. She kissed me back and said, "Thanks Honey, Same to you!"
Needless to say we spent the rest of the night getting to know our new sex partners. We really liked our new church and the preacher and his wife.
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I hope you and your wife are still swamping with these two. Every thought of getting more to join your group

im hoping to start a sililar experiance with men in my church too:)