Making Love With A Single Pastor

Recently, I met a head pastor of a church on a social networking site. I put up a post seeking someone to workout with me. He was one of several men who responded, but he was more respectful and credible. I didn't think he"d try to mount me in the gym like any other guy would. Lol. Soo, anyway, schedules conflicted and we ended up meeting for lunch instead of working out. He is good as gold, and I start fantasizing about marrying and becoming a pastor"s wife. Lol. Our next meeting he was all over me! Very passionate kisses, my lips , my neck...hugging and towards the end copping a quick feel. I'm thinking "whaaaaaaat?" And then Sunday I went to his kids and I. He invited me. That was last week. This week we've had sex twice. The best I've ever had. He's awesome! But, what am I? I don't want to be a mistress. I hope this is legit.
OverlookedDiamond OverlookedDiamond
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 26, 2013

You're the woman he's dating, and having sex with.