Sexy Secretary..

Sex with secretary is very thrilling and exciting. May be because it is not normally expected from the boss to make advances and the secretary to respond positively specially in the office environment. I had a personal assistant and this lady (from far eastern country) was very helpful and efficient in her work. She had her table within my office only. Every time she would talk to me, I found that there was something which was more than an official look. She would be nervous while she is close to me. Her eyes would get dreamy,her hair loose and eyes wandering on my face and body. I tried to ignore her this behavior thinking that this could be her way of dealing with other people. On many occasions she would brush her thighs to my body in the pretext of giving me some documents etc. One day she wore a very see-through off-white blouse and I could not avoid my eyes looking at her large boobs, must be at least 36C size. I am sure she must have thought her magic and charm are now working on me. I was her boss and did not want to really get involved with her. But then she must have realized that her actions were having some effects on me. And I think she would be right in her thinking so. I was now paying more and more attention to her clothings, dressing and make-up. I think she was successful in seducing me. I believe that a determined woman can entrap any man to her charms.I was just an ordinary MAN after all. She was living alone in her flat and invited me to her flat on the pretext of giving my opinion on the right kind of carpet that she needed to replace in her flat. After a while of entering her flat, she changed in to a night gown needless to say that the gown was pretty see-through. Her lovely figure was clearly visible and indeed it was exciting. She was wearing a lacy bra and the boobs and nipples were very much visible. I could not resist this and pulled her to my side on the sofa. I soon found out that she was good in French kissing. The kissing session must have lasted for ages.While kissing, she would make sure that my hands are on boobs and that I am massaging them hard. One thing led to another, and never realized when was she sucking my **** so profusely. She turned around and brought her **** to my mouth. I simply loved licking her sweet ****. After this incident and the closeness that she experienced with me, her work improved even more and ultimately she not only remained my secretary but she also became by business partner. We had plenty of sex in the office as and when we would got chance.
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yeah "giving your opinion on the right kind of carpet" lol. I liked that

Make her more them your business partner ,make her your wife. Keep making love to this lovely lady. Both of you live your life to the fullest

If the feeling is mutual you have a great thing going on and I hope it doesn't go and further than what you have now. Enjoy life and all that it offers. Thanks for sharing.