My Secretary

She would be nervous while she was close to me. Her eyes would get dreamy, her hair loose and eyes wandering on my face and body. I tried to ignore this behavior thinking that this could be her way of dealing with other people. On many occasions she would brush her thighs to my body in the pretext of giving me some documents etc. One day she wore a very see-through off-white blouse and I could not avoid my eyes looking at her large boobs, must be at least 36C size. Then she appeared in a formfitting, over the knee length skirt with sheer black hose on her legs. Then an even shorter skirt that showed the darker welt of her pantyhose or stockings when she sat down and wasn’t too careful with smoothing her skirt. She caught me staring at her sexy legs several times and a knowing smile appeared on her lips. Then she invited me to look up her skirt by letting her knees glide open. I almost lost my breath as I realized she was wearing very sexy stockings. I could see the dark tops and the creamy white skin above them. Of course she saw me looking. That’s exactly what she wanted. I walked around the office with a prominent bulge in my pants on these occasions, and I am sure she noticed as I imagined catching her staring at my groin with a foggy expression in her eyes.
Was she dreaming of being ****** by my hard ****?
I am sure she must have thought her magic and charm was now working on me. I was her boss and did not want to really get involved with her. But then she must have realized that her actions were having some effects on me. And I think she would be right in her thinking so. I was now paying more and more attention to her clothing, dressing and make-up. I think she was successful in seducing me. I believe that a determined woman can entrap any man to her charms. I was just an ordinary MAN after all. She was living alone in her flat and invited me over to her flat on the pretext of giving my opinion on the right kind of carpet that she needed to replace in her flat. After a while of entering her flat, she changed in to a night gown needless to say that the gown was pretty see-through. Her lovely figure was clearly visible and indeed it was exciting. She was wearing a lacy bra and the boobs and nipples were very much visible. Her knickers and suspenderbelt matched the bra and her shapely legs were covered by stockings. I could not resist this and pulled her to my side on the sofa. I soon found out that she was good in French kissing. The kissing session must have lasted for ages. While kissing, she would make sure that my hands were on her boobs and that I was massaging them hard. One thing led to another, and I never realized when, but she was sucking my **** so profusely. She had it out of my trousers and her bright red painted lips was around my hard ****, going steadily up and down her delicate hand massaging the part of my hard shaft that wasn’t in her mouth and my balls. She turned around and brought her **** to my mouth. I pulled her panties aside and started licking her sweet ****. I simply loved licking her sweet ****. It was a wonderful feeling having my **** deep between her sexy lips getting a thorough sucking and licking, while licking the sweet nectar from her excited ****. I pointed my tongue and ****** her tight whole, then sucked on her hard, prominent **** and she came, wonderfully, screaming around my **** and bucking violently. She gave my excited **** one last lick and a kiss on the exposed head before she turned and kissed me on the lips again. We could taste each other on the others lips and it was very exciting. Then she proceeded by undressing me, fondling and caressing the skin she uncovered.
- Come to my bed. I need your beautiful, hard **** in my vagina.
She led the way to her bedroom and her wide, silk covered bed. She let the night gown drop to the floor and stood proudly in her sexy, see through lingerie, that only accentuated her beautiful, big, sexy boobs and furry *****. Slowly she pulled the bra cups down and made her long, hard nipples naked. Then she pulled the sexy knickers down her legs and stepped out of them. She laid down on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide. A seductive smile on her lips:
- Come do me. **** my hot **** baby. Look at me, look at my hot ****. See how ready my **** is for your long, stiff ****.
- Oh yes, you are sooo beautiful and sexy. I love how the lingerie and stockings make you look soo hot and wanton.
- Come to me and **** me baby. I need your **** in my hot ****.
I had never heard her use any foul or dirty words, but it was very exciting to see her laying there soo sexily exposed and talking dirty. I guessed doing the same back would excite her too.
- You look soo hot lying there with your big boobs on display.
- You like it when I show off my big boobs don’t you baby?
- Yes, I like it when you wear see through blouses so I can see your sexy bras and your big boobs.
- I will do that a lot more in the future.
- And I love it when you wear short skirts and stockings and let me see your sexy legs and stocking tops.
- I get sooo excited when I catch you looking up my skirt. It makes my **** so deliciously wet and I feel my big nipples harden. But come and **** me now. I am sooo wet and horny baby.
- Pull up your legs and be completely open for my hard ****.
- Oooh you make me do soo exciting, but dirty things.
- Yes, I want you to be my sexy **** from now on.
- Oh yes, I want to be your sexy **** baby. Now **** me please. I need your **** inside me now baby. Give it to me. **** mee.
I moved up the bed on my hands and knees. Standing on my knees I let my long, hard **** lie against her open slit. I moved my hips a little back and forth som my **** slid against her plump, hairy pussylips. I put my hands on her big boobs and massaged them roughly.
- Oh yess, that’s good. Stick it in me. Play with my nipples. Use me baby. Use your horny, sexy ****.
Slowly I pushed my cockhead into her. She was very tight and very, very wet. More and more of my excited, hard **** disappeared into her hot ****. It felt fantastic. Having her hot, wet lovetunnel wrapped around my hot meat.
- Oh yes baby. Fill me up. Fill my hot **** with your hard ****. **** me hard baby. Your sexy **** needs a good, hard *******. Your big **** fills me sooo good.
- It feels sooo good to be inside you. Your hot, wet **** feels sooo good against my ****. Your stockings feel soo good against my skin.
- It feels sooo good when you move your **** in and out of my hot ****. I can see your long, hard **** shining with my ***** juices. Play with my boobs as you **** me baby. I get sooo hot when somebody massages my **** while I get a good *******.
- Oh yes, I love to play with your big, sexy boobs my hot, sexy ****. I will do that a lot from now on. I love your big, hard nipples. I want to suck and bite on them.
I put my hands on her big boobs and massaged them as I continued to pound her hot ****. I pulled on her long, hard nipples. Rolled them between my fingers.
- Oh yess baby. That’s soo good. Use my big boobs. Be rough with them. It feels sooo good in my **** when you pull on my nipples. You gone make me *** soon. Your wonderful **** is going to give me an ******. I want you to *** with me. I want to feel your **** pump your seed deep in my hot **** as I *** baby.
- Oh yesss I want to mess up your hot **** with my hot ***** my sexy ****. I want to *** deep inside you.
- **** me harder baby. Make me *** on your hard ****.
- Yes *** in your **** you hot, sexy ****. *** on my ****.
- Ooooh yesss. Do me. **** me. I aaaam *******. Give me your hot ***** baby. *** in myyyy ****.
- Yeeaaa.
- Ooooh yeess I feel your **** cream my **** baby.
- Oooh yess, I’m ******* in you my sexy ****.
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sexy story man. If i was you man, i would hire another secretary just so you can just keep screwing her.

sexy story man. If i was you man, i would hire another secretary just so you can just keep screwing her.

Wow! thats a good story

Dang thata a hot story for sure, would love to see someone ******* my wife like that

What makes you think someone hasnt. I banged my secretary for years. Often times she would put him off for days when she knew I was to have her ... I also set her home with my seed within her.

Do you have a story about how it all started?

I started out like that,then she became a regular part of my agenda,now she's a full part of my agenda and has given three amazingly beautiful kids!<br />
I still summon her into my office,(the bedroom),and have her take my notes down in good old fashion shorthand.................the carpet we chose was red!

Well, you know one thing about her job skills...She good at taking "dicktation"...I mean taking dictation...:-) dc

Sounds like a great day at the office-- or at least starting at the office. lol