Months Of Flirting,, Finally

I work in an office building with multiple tenants and we all share the same receptionsit. For privacy sake ill call her Kim.

Kim is short (5'2'') blonde hair, big green eyes, curvy, amazing *** and huge breasts. It seems that every shirt, blouse, dress she has is low cut and shows her amazing cleavage.

The day i moved into this building and I met her I knew i wanted to **** her, the questions was how and when. It turns out that most of the men in here are all older and of course flirt with her like dirty old men. Luckily im younger and we have alot in common. We started by casually flirting and i would come up with the lamest excuses to go out and talk to her. We eventually started eating lunch together outside.

Our conversations started getting more personal and we started talking about past sexual encounters and preferences. I suggested that we chat on our computers when we couldnt get away. That made it easier to flirt and be more open. We eventuall disclosed pretty much all of our dark pasts and wants and desires.

this made things slightly more akward when we would have to look at each other eye to eye.. but i could tell that we were close to going further. One particular day i was talking about my love of using my tongue on a woman and i was going into great detail. She let it slip that she wished she could know what that felt like..

I responded that my office has a locking door anytime you need it. a few minutes later i heard a really light knocking on my door. I gulped and was trying to process the situation.

I finally got the nerve to go an open the door. She looked both ways then quickly snuck in and shut and locked the dor behind her. She was wearing a long, loose fitting black skirt and a white blouse, of course open to show her cleavage.

she turned around and looked at me and bit her lip as she slid her skirt and panties to the ground. she quietly said 'lets see what all that talking was about'.

Those were the last words uttered. i gently led her to my office chair and got on my knees infront of her. i spent a long time kissing her tights and i licked her ***** with every ounce of passion and energy i had until she came. She had to cover her mouth as she moaned quietly.. it was incredible.

She had, in previosu conversations, bragged about her **** sucking ability. As soon as i was finished licking her ***** she jumped up and through me down onto the chair. She got on her knees and gave me the most incredible blow job. I knew, from our chats, that she loves having her man *** in her mouth and thats all i could think about as she was sucking me off.

She knew i loved myballs sucked and she was masterful at it. I gripped her hair just ebfore i was about to *** and she made sure she sucked back every drop.

She cleaned herself off and went back to her desk. This was not the last time we got together...
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4 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Yep my type of Secretary !!! I would want daily ******* views , need to finger her, I d want a panty job too..

So tell us more about getting the sexy kim

she WOULD b bblonde wouldnt she...shucks

Tell me your office fantasy about my being your secretary. (In a private message.)