last weekend when everyone was out, it was just me n him at home. we were often together at home and this was the first time we did it. he is 16 and very curious. there were quite a few incidents when i caught him sniffing my panties and peeping while i was changing. i loved his innocence and i gave him a show whenever he peeps at me....................

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Yes. Extremely hot.

hell let him enjoy your curves as long as he wants.


hot story, please add me sweetie

please keep following up on this story!

That was very considerate of you. Just one question, did you do that for him, or for you? I am guessing it was for you.

you will be his god

Did he *** in his pants or did you get his **** as far as your *****?

You can show me!

if thats u in the pic you are one sexy babe

Great story ,very well told!Keep up the good work & Please share more.<br />
and I would like to pay my respect n gratitude to that kind , hot housewife who gave me the first lessons (May God rest her soul)<br />
Love n Hugs

Another fake story. How many times is someone just sniffing around. At least be creative.

damn thats so ******* hott wish you were my aunt ;0

ok that was hot. I would love to watch my hubby's 18 y/o son in the nude or seduce im. The idea is a real turn on for me.

When I was 14, I was being tutored after school by the next door neighbor's 17 year old daughter. Other guys, here, will know what I am talking about when I say my hormones were at full mast at this age. I should insert, here, that the next door neighbor was a minister and had seven kids. I tried like hell not to be embarrassed by having my "stiffy" noticed by this really hot young lady, but she sometimes wore things or didn't wear things that made it impossible. Out of the blue, one afternoon, she suddenly blurted out that I wasn't going to be able to concentrate UNTIL I got rid of this problem.<br />
When she said "problem", her hand grabbed my woody and began rubbing back and forth. She took my hand and pulled me over onto my single bed and had me on my back with my pants around my knees in no time. She sat next to me and wrapped her hand around my hard c*ck and worked it up and down until I went off. I was SO worked up that the first shot actually hit and stuck to the ceiling above the bed. Then she said that I should return the favor. Before I knew it, her panties were off and she was sitting over my face hold her skirt out of the way instructing me of how to do it. To this day, I think that I would choose eating a p*ssy over f*cking one because Joyce Elliot broke me in. Wher ever you are, Joyce, I still want to lick your p*ssy one more time. I visited my teen home not long ago. My room had been converted into a combination den and loom room. There, on the ceiling above where my bed used to be, were several reminders of Joyce settling me down so I could concentrate on my studies. Now, if I were into embellishment, here, I would tell you that Joyce sucked my c*ock and that we f*cked like bunnies as time went on. Damn, at 14, what really happened was better than most of my friends had experienced. I did, however, allow my best friend to spy through the slight opening of my blinds to watch a couple of times. I think the rain washed the c*m stains of the side of the house below the window, though. He never called me a liar again.

i think im just as horny as u are would u like to chat somrtime i a nasty just about every thing goes just like u

dam that's naughty. but hott. looks like you like em young. lucky guys

I found it refreshing that you took the time to show him the right way to pleasure a woman. I am sure his lovers appreciate your time and effort too.

You are not telling us everything. What about some photos. I wish i had an "aunt" like you when I was 16 years old.

That is so naughty but so F_ckng hot!

Awesome!!!!<br />
<br />
Need more details!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Darling,I have written my exp in my child hood. sex exp.Read them and you will know that she must be like you,hotty........