Sisters Friend Was First

When I was 13 almost 14, my sister was 16 and her friend was 17.  They were over at our house for a sleep over and were playing in my sisters room.  My room is across the hall from hers and they had the door open as I went to the bathroom.  When I came out, they were in her room and started to giggle.  I did not know right away what they were doing so I knocked on the door and poked my head in.  As I did, they started acting funny and giggling even more.  I asked what they were laughing at.  They did not say anything.  I asked again and they giggled.  I was not sure why they were laughing so I was about to turn around and walk out.

I then would notice that they were sitting there with just night shirts on.  I was not sure if they had panties on at first, but it would later be clear they didn't.  As I stood there for a second, I staired at Kim's (my sisters friend) bare leg.  Then they started to giggle again.  Finally I demanded to know what they were laughing at.  Finally my sister ask, "Still learning some control are we?"  I was unsure what she ment for a second, then I figured it out.  As I stood there with then nearly naked, I started to get a little harder.  Then I figured it out.  Kim had been over so much, I did not think anything about it.  I had gone to the bathroom in just my boxers.  Now, standing there, a tent began to raise in them.

I turned red as I lost all control and it began to be flooded with interest.  I reached down and tried to hold the buttons shut when Kim reacted.  She said, "Oh my gosh, look how big he is getting."  I was 13 what did I know, as far as I knew, I was normal or small.  I looked at her getting even redder and began to turn and leave.  As I did, Kim stopped me and closed the door.  She looked at my sister and smiled.  My sister didn't do anything.  Kim turned to me and asked if I had ever seen a naked girl before.  I shyly told her no.  She then said, "I will show you mine if you show me yours." 

I shyly agreed and let my boxers go.  As I did, my penis poped out of the buttons.  Kim and my sister gasp.  I was not sure why.  Kim turned to my sister and asked her if she knew I was this big the whole time.  My sister said she had no idea, she said she quit taking baths with me when we were little kids.  Kim turned to me and asked if she could touch it.  I told her she could after I got to see hers.  She reached down and grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head.  There she stood, 17, soft white skin, furry triangle between her legs.  It made me even harder.

Now I had known about getting hard and the basics of where babys come from, but not much more.  I also knew that rubbing the tip felt good when it was hard.  As I stood there in all my glory, Kim reached down and took it in her hand.  She giggled as she ran her hand up and down the shaft.  She commented that it was so hard and fat.  My sister just looked on in amazement as her best friend felt me full length.

Within seconds, I was nearly out of control.  Her hand felt so good.  My breathing got faster.  She then turned to my sister and asked her if they should show him.  My sister smiled and said I was a virgin so it would all be a first.  Kim replied back with a smile, "I know, thats what will be fun."  With that, they told me to lay on my sisters bed.  I remember how soft her blanket was and how her pillows wrapped around my head as I laid down.  When I did, Kim reached over and began stroking my penis.  I groaned.  When I did, my sister told me to be quiet and handed me a pillow.  Mom and dad were still downstairs.

There I was in every 13 year olds wildest dream.  Laying on a bed in my boxers with an older girl using me.  I would not take long for the first time to occur.  It took maybe 3 or 4 minutes of her stroking my rock hard virgin penis before I exploded.  I began screeming into the pillow as the girls gasp at every shot.  When I removed the pillow, I was still shooting loads into the air.  They were going about 2 feet in the air with each shot.  The pleasure was overwhelming.  I wanted more.  My sister gave me a towel to clean up with.  I stood up and began wiping myself off.  I was still hard though.  Every time I would look at Kim, she was staring at it.

As I finished cleaning up, Kim looked at my sister and told her she could not help it.  She went over to the end of the bed and sat down.  Then she laid on her back and lifted her legs high and wide apart.  She turned to my sister and told her to tell me how to do it.  I was not sure what she ment then my sister told me to come up to the bed.  I stood closer to a naked girl than I ever had.  With my penis still hard, Kim ordered my sister to help me put it in her.  I was puzzled.  My sister leaned over to Kim and pulled her lips apart.  She then looked at me and told me to put it in there.  I leaned forward and put the tip on the edge with my hand.  Then I gently pushed as I fell forward on top of Kim.

As I did, the tip slid in her quickly.  She squeeled.  Then she turned to my sister and said, "OH my GOD, he is so big."  My sister turned to me and told me to slide it in all the way for her.  I thrust my hips and in I went.  I had driven my penis into the first girl.  It was very wet and very very warm.  Kim's eyes got really big as I put it in as far as I could.  She bit her lip and squeeled as my sister ordered me to slide it back out and then in again.  As I did, Kim instantly began panting heavily.  She began ordering me to go faster.  And faster and faster.  I could not believe what was happening.  It all felt so good. 

I continued for who knows how long when suddenly Kim grabbed a pillow and started screeming into it.  She arched her back and groaned and grunted and let out a huge moan.  My sister told me to go faster and faster.  A little while later, I felt it build and I exploded again.  As I let out a grunt, I saw Kim's eye get like golf balls.  She took the first couple of shots then started yelling for me to get out.  I pulled it out and stood up.  As I did, I kept shooting and shooting all over her.  Every time I touched the tip, I would shoot another load onto her.  When I was finally done, Kim laid on the bed trying to catch her breath, I turned to my sister and asked what the big deal was.  She said that by ******* in a girl like that, she could get pregnant. 

I began to understand, but not really.  All I knew is that I liked girls, especially ones who wanted to be naked.  I also liked putting my penis in them.  It felt warm and soft and smooth.  As I finished cleaning myself up, I turned to go to my room.  My sister looked at Kim and said, "oh my gosh, you could have my brothers baby."  Kims reply was, "Yeah, but he was good." 

I went to my room and slept like a baby.  In the morning, I was woke up by my sister pounding on my door.  Mom had sent her and Kim up to wake me up.  When I did not get up, they came in to tease me.  The laughed and teased me as I lay there.  I got grumpy.  My sister asked what was wrong with me.  I looked at her and said, "You could have told me it was going to hurt in the morning.  I feel like you kicked me between the legs."  My balls hurt so bad from the first sex I had ever had, all I wanted to do was lay there all day.  My sister and Kim laughed and headed out of the room.  Kim turned and said, "Dont worry, it wont hurt every time.  See you later." 

I had to lay there another half hour or so before I could get up.  When I finally did, it was because I had started thinking about the night before and the pain went away.  I began wondering if Kim was still there, thinking she might want to do it again.  I would be disappointed when I found out she and sis had left.

It was then I discovered long showers too.

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So jealous

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You lucky bugger.

That's a lot of story's


I want girls like that!! I want sex!!

How old are you?

i was engage to my wife an i had sex with her best girlfeind<br />
she was so hot looking her *** so nice round **** not to big an long blode shave pusssy<br />
she meet me an we talk joke an one thing lead to another she felt my **** hard in my panits an we kiss an i had the most wonderful **** in my life with her


hope that happens 2 me

dude dont u noe where s<br />
he lives go t<br />
here and have it

**** yeah! Get it get it!

I can’t believe this. If your sister was courageous enough to guide you into her best fiend in a sexual encounter then no doubt she could easily guide you into her when her friend is not around. I would not be surprised to see that you had it with your sister next time.

Theres nothing like that first piece of *****. Great story man!

Some guys have all the luck... Amazing story!

Dude that is amazing. You are a God

Mmmm -- lucky you! Thanks for sharing your story ... I'm jealous .. I had a period of crushes on older girls whenb I was in the 12 -15 age range ... one of them was a cousin five years older ... she was hot!

man! hot story, forgive me, but did you ever see your sister naked? anything happend with you two? did you ever **** the friend again?

dude that is sweet i wished that would have happened to me. did you ever have sex with Kim again or what .