Me And My Sister

When we were little, I mean about 7 & 8 years old we would get an Enema every Saturday morningt from the MOM. Sis is a year older then me. In fact it would be three or four Enemas until clear water came out. She was and is a health freak and would tell us clean insides is good and healthy. After the Enema thing Sis and I would take a shower to wash down our yucky butts then get dressed. Mom would head off to the store to buy the weeks food. MOM was also big on making sure Sis and I eat good. As we got older we started to notice each others bodies. We both got hair down there and she got very nice boobs. At about age 13 & 14 we had the normal Enema thing, did the shower bit and Mom headed off to the store. I was in my bedroom just starting to get cloths on when SIS entered butt naked. She asked me what it was like gettig a hard on. Well let me say I got one fast. I asked her how does a girl get hot. So we played with each other, she got real hot, I did too, and then we had very hot sex.
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The first time I had sex was with my younger sister and it was awesome

You and your sis have the same blood..
And you have sex with her.. Dude thats disgusting..


Hey man me and my sister couldn't stop ******* during your story its like we acted out the story it was really hot,... oh look who it is SORRY, but he has to go BYE ;P

thats just a gay lie


what no details

I agree where's the details?