My Uncle Raped Me

I was 6 years old then, my uncle said he was going to have a party ,he wanted me to go,I said ok. So I went and he said I should go to his room,so I did and I saw 3 boys they were naked, they toke my dress off me , then they said I should lay on the bed, i did what they said because I was so scared they did the *****! With me i was so scared It went on for 120min.
Then I put my dress on and left,at the door was my uncle he said do not tell your mom or you will die.
So when i got home I told my mom, she was so upset, she called my uncle,then my mom was so upset at my uncle,my uncle was upset at me.this went on for ever.
Rose4545 Rose4545
Jun 2, 2012