I Had Sex With My Sister

ok so it was about 2 years ago at my home i was 19 at the time she was 20 she would always visit my house and i began to realize she wanted to have sex with me because she always came in short shorts so one time we were cooking then she grabbed my **** at first i was like WTF but then i went with it she took me into my room and she startes blowing me it was the best ******* i ever had i cummed in her mouth but she said "can we continue i want ur **** in me" so i agreed and we did anal for a while we did it until i cummed twice then she blew me for another 5 minutes after that i started penetrating her vagina i went really good untill she said "let me ride u" i let her ride me for a good 15 minutes until we stopped. it was the best sex i ever had she has a good tan brown hair big boobs and a nice ***
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Your so lucky I wish my sisters do it to me