I Had Sex With My Sister Best Friend

One day my sister was having a party and I was in my room listening to sum music with my headphones on. For some reason I turned around and saw my sister friend by the door but didn't think nothing of it cause my sister told me she liked me. So when the party was over she was the only person who stayed it was like 2 in the morning and I felt something moving so i woke up I thought i was dreaming so I went back to sleep but woke up bcause she was giving me oral sex I was in disbelief that a 17 year old girl was in my bed giving me oral sex so for some reason it's like my mind went somewhere else and I started to have sex with her. Now every time she come over she blow kisses at me like she is in the 3rd grade and I told her I don't know what came over me and to leave me alone but she said if I keep acting like I don't want her she will tell my sister I molested her I have no clue wat to do
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Just go with it if she's hot

My sis still makes love to me but u know more the marryer

Dude can i get her number, wait how old is she now...?

She's well over 25!

What you have to do is keep doing it with her ORALY, and make it really uncomfortable for her and hurt her, UNNINTENTIONALLY. then, shell back off

just **** her *** and you will see she will go some were t suck some else's **** or just keep ******* her untill does not wnt any more but you goint to jail if she is a manir and you not

wtf84b is soo right!! if I were you Id **** her everytime i meet her!! There is a hot babe in front of you opening her clothes showing her b.r.e.a.s.t and sexy love hole!! The thought itself makes me aroused!

I agree completely with wtf84b.... **** her mercilously and repeatedly. Nail her until she walks crooked... for a week. Tape the entire thing. Then tell your sister what a **** her friend is. That will teach her to never use that bullshit threat again. You will be doing every guy she meets for the rest of her life a favor. Not doing this is doing your breatheren a dis-service.

Damn ur ****** up if she tells anybody yo *** is screwed to hell and back!

if u already have a oral sex with her.<br />
so u can start ******* but first thing is u should<br />
have to start with oral only,<br />
then u r story will generate.

play it up a bit till she gets embarressed n leaves u alone

Mic here is 16-18 according to his profile ... Which means they are nearly peers ... Regardless there is an issue of 'statutory' ... I'd definitely speak with someone who will be bound by law to keep your secret and who will either KNOW the law or find out about them because this is a 'borderline' situation considering ages ... <br />
I bet you keep it in your pants next time, eh?<br />
All my best to you, Mic.

Yeah, and get labeled a child molester for the rest of your life for consensual sex. Find a nice stretch of bog land and bury her in it.

Call her bluff

Okay, maybe at 17 she knew what she was doing...but still, you need to resolve this situation...she sounds troubled. Lar.

Yeah.<br />
You really need to be careful. Next time a young girl is in your bed and she tries to give you head, if you are awake, say no. And when you wake up, don't bang her; she may not be acting like it but she is just a kid.

enjoy the ride???