Keep It In The Family

My wife's sister is a couple of years older than her and had been a widow for 3 years when she came to visit us for a week. On Saturday afternoon, I had finished my weekend job list and was enjoying a hot shower when I felt a cool gust of air at my backside. I figured my wife had returned from her shopping and as she sometimes did, was joining me in the shower. When I turned to stick my head under the spray to rinse the shampoo out, she grabbed my **** and started playing. When the suds were gone, I stood there under the spray with my eyes closed enjoying what she was doing. I reached out to feel her **** and immediately realized it was not my wife in there with me because these **** were smaller than hers. I opened my eyes and there was my sister-in-law! I asked her what she was thinking, by being in here with me. My wife's voice came from outside the shower stall, "We're gonna have some fun", she said as she stepped into view naked as we were. "Denise hasn't had any fun for a long time and we've decided that we would have some fun together." We got out of the shower, dried off and I spent the next couple of hours with two sexy women. We were totally exhausted when we finished playing. It was the only time us three ever played together. My sister-in-law has remarried and my wife and I have had many more adventures since her visit.
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7 Responses Dec 5, 2010

Love thes stories. You're lucky. Pls add me

hot story. i love MFM 3 somes !

Lucky story man. But why is her remarried stopping the both of you. Work on getting her back into your shower and maybe your bed.

so did your wife and her sister have sex or did they just both do you?

they didn't

They just had sex with you and didn't have sex with each other right.

oh that's too bad. That would have been really hot to watch I would think even if there were sisters.

What a memory.......lucky man.

Yes you are so lucky. I dated my wifes twin sister before marrying my wife, but she would never share me with her sister or anybody else.

dang man,you should work on get the twins back together.

your wife rocks!