My Sil Was The Best

It started long before I knew it. When I met her she was twenty and I was thirteen, she had come to live with my brother at my father's house. They got married without a big ceremony and moved out after six months. I did not realize I thought she was hot but I must have known by the way I acted. She was a mathmatics major and I asked if she would help with my homework. I went to their apartment and she and I would work together at the homework at the kitchen table. I do not remember where my brother was or if he was even home at the time. I do not think it was a factor to me. I enjoyed being with her but I had girlfriends my own age and she was my brother's wife. As I said she was hot though. Lovely brown hair in a shoulderr legnth style with beautiful blue eyes and a smile that welcomed you. I do remember seeing her changing her clothes once from behind by accidently opening the doore to her bedroom but I closed it quickly and apologized profusely. Little did I know what would happen later in life...

She and my brother seperated and she moved into her own apartment, I helped her with the move since I was now eighteen and driving a car. I was also an avid gardener and I let her know I would bring her vegetables every now and then. Once when I dropped off some she and I started talking nothing happened that visit but on the next one I gave her a back rub and she pulled me down to her and we ending up making love at least three times that evening. She was the first to give me a great ******* and the first person I had anal sex with. Many more nights followed for amny years.
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What more adventures did you have with her again. She was not your sister in law any more.

What a great relationship story. You were on lucky dude.

What a great relationship story. You were on lucky dude.

In time, maybe your brother would not mind..... perhaps asking how he would feel might open up a possibility. It's great that you both don't want to affect him, but in the long run, you have a life to lead for yourself.

Sirch if you were asking me, the answer is no, not that i haven't fantaiszed about ******* my second cousin...she is one hot lady, youthful looking, nice arse, body, attractive looking face, she's a few years older then i & we have this connection, a sexual connection that is...whenever we are around each other, we flirt, tease & sometimes touch, constantly check each other out, sometimes i'll hug her from behind & press my hard **** up against her arse, she will push back when ever i do this & no matter where we are. if ever around family or friends, which they see as just a friendly or family loving hug, we'll do it discreetly, but never have gone any further...who know maybe one day i night get the chance to :)

You should just ask in a non threatening way. That is what I did, She loved it when I was happy and was very good at giving head. She would make me come so quickly at first and then as time went by I could hold back longer and she thought I did not like it as much. I had to tell her i held back because I did love it so much. She was very eager to have anal sex because she knew I would like it not because she wanted it. You never know what someone's thoughts are until you ask them. Enjoy her

You should move from fantasy to reality anan. Just get close and see what happens maybe she wants to jump your bones.

keep having sex with her

please tell about the other times & in more detail...

It was many nights of sex with each other. The first time I had many new sexual things happen it was with her. She liked me to eat her anus and vagina and then to **** until we were sore.
Have you ever had sex with a close relative?