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Black House Guest

They say when the cats away, the kitty will play. Well it was true this time anyway. You see my husband of almost twenty years was away for work, and I was managing the house and keeping up with our son who was in his first year in college. Spring break came and as things were a bit tight on money, I encouraged my son to forego the college tradition of going to the beach somewhere during spring
break. He agreed and asked if he could bring a house guest, his friend BB, home for the vacation. I was happy that he had a friend that he wanted to socialize with, so I agreed.
My son, Tim, had not told me anything about BB so when they arrived, I was surprised that his friend was black. As we were introduced, I could see that BB's eyes took a good look at my body.
The next morning, as I sat with my morning coffee reading the paper, BB came into the kitchen and walked up behind me and put his arms around me and gave me a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, and said, "Good morning Momma. You look hot in that gown."
I then realized that I had not dressed but was sitting there in my nightgown, and without anything under it. I made some feeble excuse about how I had forgotten that I had a house guest and I stammered as BB chuckled and
said, "I like it, you are a very foxy Momma.""Oh BB you are just saying that to make me feel good,"
as I felt a flutter between my thighs and a tingle in my ****. "What am I thinking? Damn it, I am a happily married woman and besides I am old enough to be his mother and he isn't interested in an older woman anyway."
That evening Tim had a date but BB passed on the opportunity to go to the movie with Tim and his date. He instead chose to stay home and watch a movie with me. I made some popcorn and we watched the movie and sat on the couch together. BB
joked about us being on a date and put his arm around me. I said, "OK, lets play like I am a teen-ager again and you are my date."
H squeezed me and replied, "It's OK by me, but if I treat you like my date, you may be asking for more than you bargained for Momma."
"OK quit calling me Momma. I am Brenda and I am your date," as I giggled and snuggled up to BB. He didn't back off a bit and pulled me close and kissed me deeply and passionately. My head was now spinning. We were now doing some heavy petting and giggling like
a couple of young high school kids on their first date. I was becoming fully aroused as I could feel my juices lubricating my canal getting ready to be bred just as nature has made it. I was now aware that BB was fully aroused. We had long ago forgotten the movie and were
concentrating on each other. He looked momentarily and then gently squeezed my breast as he kissed down my neck and to the nipples, taking them in his mouth one by one gently sucking and rolling them in his mouth. I was running my finger up his neck and into his hair with my head back making throaty sounds as he was moving my arousal to a higher point. His fingers were already between my legs.I started unbuttoning his shirt and removed it as we sank down on the couch. I began kissing his chest and nibbling on his manly nipples surrounded by his kinky hairy chest as I unbuckled his trousers and pulled them down revealing his white jockey shorts covering his now erect manhood. I led him to the bed.
"Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby, I love that white ***** with the black curly hair hiding you sweet thing," as he moved his head down gently spreading the hair and lips to kiss my waiting ****. I thought I was going to have an ****** right there, it was so good. I quickly removed his shorts and looked at the beautiful black **** with its clear precum oozing from the slit. I licked it off and kissed my lovers pole all the way to his black jewels and back. I moved onto the bed opening my legs to receive my lover, the one I wanted to take me to the heavens and back. BB was as excited as I and quickly moved above me to cover his new mistress. I felt like a young mare
receiving her black stallion. I knew that this black stud was going to make me scream with joy.Without words, just moans and groans and hands moving all over each other, holding tight and meeting every thrust with a thrust of my own, I was taking my black lover who was driving me crazy satisfying my sexual appetite like never before.BB was sweating all over me and he was slipping and sliding as we both held on as if our life depended on it. I hollered out to BB, "Take me, you black stud. Breed me! You are making me wild! Hold me tight! Oh baby, I'm a goner. He rode me like a ***** in heat his big black pole was pounding me so hard that i think i fainted a little from pleasure it was extacy, he was so deep that i felt like his **** is gonna go out of my mouth.BB was uttering some words like, "You are the hottest ***** in the world, you are mine! You are making me... oh... I'M *******! Oh Baby!"."oh baby spread your black seeds in me, i want to have your baby" I screamed. Just as I felt his manhood start throbbing pumping his black seeds deep inside me, I started the greatest ****** I have ever had.
We fell apart and sank into each others arms exhausted. Kissing and kissing and gently rubbing each other.
TrailorparkMom TrailorparkMom 41-45, F 33 Responses Aug 24, 2011

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HOT story, made me hard thinking about your hot ***** getting filled by that young guy!!!!

nice story iam expecting more black *********

Guess you feel good stealing my story. You are a thief.

i wish all women liked **** that much. your story made me harder than hard

Very hot,sexy and truly mind blowing sex Bravo

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This is really hot.. damn.

u sure like to ****

holy **** my **** got really hard after reading, is this a true story?

wow hot story

Thanks for sharing this. It was very hot!

Dam that was a hot first date got some major **** too! Bet that spring break was a memorable one for you hope hubby was gone allot during that time!! Would love to hear more i'm sure there is so much more to write about!

Wow TailorparkMom that is a breathtaking erotic story. I am so wet after reading it. Thank you for sharing your story. <br />
<br />
Chees,<br />
<br />

SO hot so erotic it got me wet just reading it thank you KISSES ♥ black **** is very hard from this story...i am looking for a milf as well so i can bang my big thick **** in her tight ***** black **** is very hard from this story...i am looking for a milf as well so i can bang my big thick **** in her tight *****

Wow! That is a fabulous story. Glad you got yours! Way to go...

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i love it very hot...does your son need any more

I would just LOVE to find a young, hot black stud in college to take me over and over.

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You should definately encourage your son to bring more friends home.

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My wife and I love sucking on big black ****

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