I Had Sex With My Sons Friend

Well, here is the long awaited story of how I had came to have sex with my son’s friend.

My son Kent is 19 and his friend Brandon is 19 also. Kent and Brandon have been friends practically since birth. I have watched Brandon grow up in front of me for the past 19 years. He is like my own son. Brandon was over one afternoon and he needed to go to the bathroom and so he walked into our downstairs bathroom…however he didn’t realize that I was getting out of the shower and I didn’t realize I forgot to lock the door. So there I was reaching for a towel while Brandon got a clear 5 second shot of my entire nude body!

I was petrified at first. But the thought a hot young man staring at my 42 year old breasts I was really turned on. Brandon finally snapped out of it and left the room.

Weeks later Brandon came over and my son Kent was not at home. I invited him in anyway. I told him that Kent would be home soon…but I knew he wouldn’t.

He sat down and I poured him a glass of water. While he was sitting I "accidental" poured the water on myself. "Oops I said!" He apologized but I told him not to worry, so I went to change.

I went to change. I unbuttoned my shirt and unsnapped my bra. My breasts were sagging but they perked up and big nipples got hard. I pulled my pants down and took off my thong. I was completely naked.

"Hey Brandon" I yelled. Where are you? Brandon answered that he was on the couch. He was in the middle of the couch, sitting and looking out the back yard to the pool and field. I walked around and in front of him. He looked at me and was staring at my large b reasts and shaved p ussy. He stood up and walked forward. He hesistated at first. I told him it was okay. He squeezed my breasts and sucked my nipples. He while he did that I pulled down his pants and started to tug on his ****. He then started to kiss me. We made out and I fell on the couch.

He wasted no time going inside of me. He pounded extremely hard at first. It hurt for the first four or five strokes but then it was unbelievably enjoyable. I started to scream..BABY!! BABY!! He moaned and whimpered … "mmmommy!"

The fun lasted only a few minutes as his *** filled me up. I took my mouth and cleaned him off and sucked on his head. We kissed a bit more and that was it.

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that is very erotic. i have also been bad with my sons friends. xx

wow that was pretty sexy :)

That's Incredibly Hott!

Very hot, but kinda feel bad for your son though. He has fantasized about you but his friend actually knows the feeling? You should at least humor your son, I bet it'll be twice as interesting

Wonderful story

i wish brandon wassss meee <3

im only ****** 12

wut do u think ur special or somthing o-o, DAIM

This is great! I am 42 years old myself and just recently had sex with my son's friend who was also 19! I have only known him for about 5 years though. Mine just started out from texting and joking at first. It was a great experience and I'd do it again! I am even a grandma.....it was great knowing a 19 year old was still attracted to me!!

Happy for you :)

You are attractive. Brandon is lucky.

You are attractive. Brandon is lucky.

You are attractive. Brandon is lucky.

You're a dream ****. You're like the girl next door. I'd love to pound your juicy *****.

How much are we allowed to fart? :S<br />
<br />
Comment meant for author of the story not marji...

I'll have to stand with Marji on this one. I'm at a loss as to wheather you are happy about this or if in some way you are grossed out by it.<br />
<br />
I just like any other woman enjoy looking at a younger man. But I have to tell you, the idea of going this far with a young man I can say is like a son to me or is a good friend of my sons. Kinda makes me want to put loose my lunch.<br />
<br />
But, I guess that's just me.

marji never judge others you may be judged some day and turn up short. this site is for those who have done it, for those who dream about it, for those who fantasize about it, and for those to write about it, but never go there. I'm included in all of the above, you have to guess what is true and what is fantasy.

cali it was GUYS and fun

calisportsfan1988,,,,,I think you may be wrong, at least not in my case. been there, done that, loved it, will do it again

Damm, where do I find you women, love to have had that experience growing up. :) Anytime in DC look me up

hi nticeme, having been there, it is a marvelous experience for the young guy, and for the older woman,(me). would do it again many times as I can!

by the way, look me up and send me a note, I need to talk to you. you are my kind of girl<br />
f4feve (Evelyn)

Charlotte, you must respond to the comments, please!<br />
also to your other story about you son finding you pix

Wow! That is hot!

We all need friends to have moms like you.

Gross, you said he was like a son to you.

Anyway a good looking guy from Utah can contact you about this story ;) Too bad we all cant have experiences like this.

wow you are a very hot mom. i wish i was your son's friend..

Hey! Does your son need some other friends??? That is SOOOOO hot and i totally see how that could happen with you lookin like that!