What A Great Surprise

I came home early one afternoon to find my 18 year old step-daughter nude and ************ on the living room sofa. She was watching one of my **** movies. I am 46 years old. I was shocked and did not know What to do or say. I just said what do you think you are doing? She was obviously embarrassed and tried to apologize, but did not stop playing with herself. She said what she was doing was perfectly normal and that she had seen me ******* off when her mom was not around. I did not know she had seen me, but it was OK with me. I asked her to cover up or go to her room, but she continued. She knew I liked seeing her. She said I should ********** with her since we both now had nothing to hide. I kinda reluctantly agreed. I undid my belt and zipper and exposed myself. I began ******* off as she continued playing her ****. It did not take me long to ***. I exploded more than I ever remember. She came soon after. We both agreed that her mom would not find out. Since then, we have mutual ************ a couple times a week. We have agreed not to have sex, but I envision some oral sex in the future if I have my way.
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I have seen my step daugther naked and she turns me on like hell and she knows it. why would she wear tight shorts where she knows I will see the outline of her vagina and her nice but when she bends over... why would she dress like that in the house

Have you tried to make a move on your step daughter

no but I want to to be honest, she is hot and she knows she turns me on, how can I go about it im a subtle way, any suggestions?

If she is 18 or older. Then flirt with her. Make it a point that when she wears those shorts. That you tell her she give men and woman bad thoughts.

I have the seame dilema with the only difference that we have not had anything yet, but we know we have some feelings for each other. what do you recommend since she knows I like watching her when she walks in front of me with her skin tight shorts that shows everything she has?


I know why it fascinates me!!

tell me why!!!

I don't know why but this fascinates me.


Find your way man to where she is giving you oral.Maybe work on getting a ********* going with her mother

I would so love to have my step daughters they are 18 and 16 i have seen the 18 year old ********** a few times since she was 16 still can not get her out off my fantasies

Maybe when catch her again doing that you join in and see where it leads to