My English Teacher.

So i have a english class with this teacher mrs. Blakemore. We became good friends since i moved in. So we get along really well. We talk we make funny jokes and stuff like that like a normal teacher would do wih her students right?... and everytime im late she'll just say take your seat and shell continue teaching like she doesnt care if im late and she marks tardy to other students. So last week i got earlier to her class and we started talking and you know just joking around and while laughing i asked her her phone number but i was just kidding. i just waited what she would say so i just went along with it. she said Really? with snmile on her face. Then she wrote it down on my planner then people started coming in then all went to normal. Then on the weekend she txted me! can you belive me my hot teacher texting me! and she even sent me pictures of her. Its almost summer we might hang out during summer.
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