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I Had Sex With My Science Teacher

Everyone has secrets, you broke your mom's favorite vase or you spilled some milk on the floor what am i about to tell you is no innocent little secret . i lost my virginity to my science teacher now before you say anything Mr. Smith was very  attractive: 6'2 green eyes brown hair a nice body and i smile to die for. all the girls at school lusted over so even till this day i thought why me? i was a senior in high school so ready to leave school boys were my last concern. 

At first it was just innocent flirting at after school tutoring, a pat on the back or a nice grade on a crappy paper. the first time i noticed my teacher really wanted me was when i was in tutoring with him studying for tommrrow's test, now at my school all the science teachers have a backroom to keep the extra beakers and workbooks and extra stuff he asked me to help him get something and i followed him as i reached to get the extra beakers he asked for  he softly put his hands over my breasts rubbing over the outline of my nipple. i was kinda freaked out so i ran out saying i had to go or my mother would be worried. i went home thinking about it and it kinda turned me on it made me feel powerful that this sex god wanted me . so i started thinking could i really have sex with my teacher? the next day things were really awkward and we didn't say much to each other. during the weekend i thought about him and how good it felt for him to touch me like that.

so the next week after school on monday,  i went to his class and he said immediately i am so sorry about yesterday that was a big mistake that will never happen again and i walked over and kissed him softly rubbing his bulge as he sat in his chair at his desk and i smiled i took his hand and i walked into the back room from the previous incident mr.smith was always the last to close up so there was wasnt a worry that we would get caught. he kissed my neck rubbing down my body i took my skirt off i could feel my body becoming so sexually aroused my panties began getting wet. he told me to sit in the chair that was there and to spread my legs wide for him he softly began licking my **** making my body tremble he slid his tongue into my tight little ***** kissing my lips. then i took out his **** and began sucking on it he groan in pleasure as he stroked back my hair he wrapped my hair around his fist and started ******* my mouth i was choking on his big **** being shoved in my mouth. he picked me up and put my back against the wall i wrapped my legs around his waist and he shoved his **** inside me.

It hurt at first because he was way too big for my first time because then he began to go alittle faster which made it feel amazing i rubbed my **** as he laid me on the spare table ******* me i could feel myself about to *** for the first time and i told him and i felt his **** actually throbbing inside of me i came so hard my body was shaking. he said after i finished now you have to make me *** now baby. i took my breasts and put his **** in the middle jacking him off with them i rubbed one of my hard nipples and softly ran it down his shaft and around the head i dipped my tongue in his hole softly flicking inside he came and it got all over my face and breasts. he kissed me running his hands down my body i felt his **** as we made out still naked against each other he said breathlessly you were amazing. i cleaned myself up and he offered to drive me home when we reached my house he kissed me again and said i had a great time what about you. i said yes. can i see you again? and he said maybe i am still your teacher for 2 more months but after that who knows :) 
During the summer i saw him a couple times and we fooled around in hotels and over his house but after i moved we lost contact. but every once and awhile i think of my first time with Mr.Smith in the back room.
Belladonna0614 Belladonna0614 18-21, F 8 Responses Jun 25, 2011

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my science teacher is sooo hot and he always laughs around me and blushes.I wish i could have your experience.

As a science teacher, I have to tell you, I wish your pretty face was in my class <3


We have had several younger lovers, and Irene has introduced them into FF sex as well as 3 somes with the both of us. We enjoyed each one and hold fond and tender memories of each of them. We only wish we could be part of your explorations also.

lucky doesn't begin to describe what he got to enjoy.. and you as well!

Amazing story add me

not bad for a first time!!

whoa that was amazingly sexy