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I Had Sex With My Teacher For A Grade

So it was last month and i hate math but my parents would not let me have a iphone 4 if i did not pass this class so when all the other students left the class room i was about to leave and my teacher Mr. Josh said to me you have a big *** and i was kid of unconfotibal and i said thx so he said i know you have to get an a in math or you parents will get mad i was just listing and he said have sex with me and i will keep giving you As so i thought about it and said yes because he was also cute.We had sex and he told me to call him daddy so i did and  he said he was going to **** me up so it was very hard.He had sex with me in the butt and after we were done he pushed me to the ground and said put your clothes on ****  and i kept getting As in math.
CassiieMelinda123 CassiieMelinda123 16-17, F 25 Responses Nov 10, 2011

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I aM teacher and I only give Bs for *******. Now, if you sucked my **** AND sat on my face AND let me finger your *** hole AND let me **** all over you AND let me eat your ***** for at least one hour, and THEN WE DID THIS all in the most expensive hotel room we could find, THEN I WOULD GIVE YOU AN A..BUT YOU WOULD ALSO HAVE TO *** EVERY TIME I ****** YOU, TOO. I ONLY GIVE As when you *** on my face.....

HAHAHAHA, I laughed so hard at the way you ended your story. You are a good comedy writer, whether you know it or not

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wow! that's sexy. Good thing you got an A.


Funny face

it amazing how many under age three on a row you all had the great teacher stories this makes this old guy happy keep up the good work want to here more

Very nice
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I had a hard time reading that... Maybe you should have paid attention anyways?

nice story add me pls tq

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love it!! can you please add me? :)

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nice story add me

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I always found that teachers would give me As for sex too. x

Hey I'm an Aus guy and think your heaps cute, love the story..add meeeee..:)

This daddy wants to chat. Add me.

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hey gorgeous, nice many times this went on...and add me pls

I have done the same! And I am not ashamed! I find teachers very attractive! I have 'A's in 3 out of 8 classes becuase I am screwing my teachers!!!

more fantasy

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& ur story is good its a better way to get A

wish i was ur teacher!!! lets be friends and chat baby!!!

wow. nice story. can you add me? :)


wow. nice story. can you add me?


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