Detention Sex...

i had detention with my sexy 6th grade teacher and i sat down and she walked over and asked am i a virgin so i said yes and said you are a naughty boy and she took off her shirt an her bra and she jumped on me . we kissed for 10 minutes while she unbuttoned my shirt and took my trousers and boxers off so i i took her skirt off , she was wearing no underwear . i got so horny and she gave me a b*l*o*w*j*o*b so i licked her ***** then she let me suck her breasts then she guided my penis in her ***** and we had sex for 30 minutes . we have done this 11 times this year sometimes in her classroom , her car , her shower and a hotel . i have dreamed about *** with her for 5 years and we finally did it . she wants to run away and get married so i said yes (i'm 18) .
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What the **** is this guys problem so u time what u do with your teacher and this just sounds like your imaging this in your head writing and at the same time rubbing your **** **** off

***** please this is the storyline to that's my boy.



you is fake


like story

wow that is wicked and some cool sexing~~

So are you married now to your teacher or did it last just during the year