My 7th Grade Teacher

When I was 13 I had this really hot science teacher. Just looking at him would make my vagina moisten. He was 25 years old, 6' tall, he had stunning blue eyes and a smile to kill for. All the girls wanted to sleep with him (especially me). It all started on a hot April day. All the girls were dressing scantily in hopes of being noticed by our science teacher . I was pretty much wearing a bikini and I was proud to say that I had the biggest boobs and butt. I was lucky because my desk was right by his. We were doing a worksheet and to my delight, when I glanced up he was staring at my boobs. I wanted to show him more so I "accidentally" dropped my pencil and when I picked it up my but was towards him. After I sat down, I sneaked a peek at him and was pleased to see him staring lustfully at me. Now my vagina was really wet and it was making a wet spot on my shorts. When the bell rang I was the last person to walk out, or I would have if my science teacher hadn't grabbed my shirt and pulled me back in to the classroom. He locked the door and I was thrilled. Then he took me over to his desk and said that I was a very pretty girl and that if I didn't mind, he would like to see my boobs. I didn't hesitate taking of my bra and I also took of my shorts. Then I sat on his lap with my legs on either side of him. He looked pleased and then started massaging my boobs. Soon, he was licking them and sucking on my nipples. It felt good and I giggled as he missed them. Then he slowly started making his way down, kissing under my boobs and then my stomach. After that, he laid me down on a desk and started sucking the juices in my vagina. It felt awesome and after he finished sucking me, I ******** him. Then he instructed me how to suck his rock hard penis. He tasted so good. Then he peed and I managed to swallow it. Then he leaned me against a wall and started. Drilling me hard with his penis. I moaned with pleasure and he drilled me harder and harder untill I was practically screaming. I ended up begging him to put his penis into me. He finally agreed and laid me on the floor. He then plunged his penis deep inside of me and I cannot put into words how good that felt. Eventually we had to stop and get dresses, but he gave me his address so that we could do it again. To this day ( 5 years later) I still visit him for some terrific sex.
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A picture of him?


That is what I want to be to me for my girl teacher in social. She is so dam hot! (I am a girl to) But she wears thongs and se through shirts. I cant wait until Thursday (last day of finals) to hug her and get those boobs into my face. ;)

I wish that was me

That's f****** rape against a minor

my penis is so ****** hard right now hearing this **** getting plunged


he .peed??

when you were 13? ya nasty.

he peed? :/

he probably just came or cummed but she doesnt understand

oh,i was bout' to say

Wow.So basically when you were in grade 7 at 12 or 13 years old your teacher had sex with you. Wow. I know my friend who as a daughter who wants to engage in sexaul activity with her teacher. Interesting. My friends kid is going to grade 7 next year.

tell more story's now what you guys do


Made my **** go hard

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so are you still have sex with this lucky guy.