Now Currently A Teacher ... Lol

I was in college and ran into my high school Calculus Teacher. She as soooo sexy, curvy big ****, and a real Italian beauty !!!

Anyways we got to talking about how she would wear these short skirts and then sit on desk I the front of class ... lol . every soooo often i would catch a glimpse of her panties (until tonight i found out she never wore under wear it was bare skin).

So at this point it is getting late her husband was gone for business and the kids were at his parents for the weekend. She ask me how I was getting home, I told her that I drove, she said GREAT bc now you are taking more home.

We get to her MASSSIVE house (husband made cash) she proceeds to invite me in for a drink, she made me park in the garage I didnt know why ... at this point i still playing it cool dont want to **** this up nor did i know where it was going.

So i have a few drinks with her and then out of no where she leans over and starts rubbing my back and kissing on my neck. Which then led to my **** getting hard and her rubbing it.

That was go time for me I reached over and started to play with her huge **** then move south to rub on her shave ***** which was dripping wet. I started to **** her right there in kitchen bent over her island.

We moved into a bedroom to really start *******. I had dunk **** so I was ******* her like a **** STAR. Ever postition i could think of and then some she came up with !!! it was sooooo hotttt. She keep on getting offf and wanting more Finally i CAME !!!! shot a huge load all over her ****.

we go a shower cleaned up, she asked me to stay so i said why not I woke up to her sucking my ****. I we ****** again for about hour, this time she asked me to *** inside of her soooo i did just that ! we got another shower she made me breakfast for lunch lol . I went home to get some sleep lol.

We did this periodically for a few years. Until her husband had to move for his job soooo she tooo left. Oh well we keep in touch to this day.

Ps I am a school teacher now .... lol She says one of my students will do the same thing with me one day

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Wow my teacher is also hot just today she wore a hot skirt and her **** were out for everyone to see I got such a hard on after class apshe called me up privately and stroked me and said meet me in my office in five kinutes I spent an hour ******* her and having an **** with other hot sexy teachers

That is sweet man. Maybe you should post stories of your adventures with that teacher. And that **** with the other teachers

A dream comes true! You are lucky... The only really hot teacher I had was in 8th grade, and she did the same thing, wearing short skirts / dresses and then sit on the front of her desk at the front of the room. Great memories... ;)

Great story you got your cal teacher. Even those she left,has she ever came back to town for sex. Just wait till your students become your lovers.Like you where for your former teacher.