Science Teacher Fun

When I was in high school I had this science teacher. He had just got out of collage and he was only 23. At the time I was 17 and knows for being sexual. I was the kind of girl that all guys wanted. Tall skinny and head cheerleader. I knew guys looked at me different than other girls and my teacher was no different. One day in early spring I wear a short skirt and a tank top to school. In class that day my teacher, let's call him Mr.J, was passing out papers. The guy next to me raised his hand and Mr.J came over. I didn't really look up when he was there. My friend who sat across from me told me that Mr.J had looked down my shirt. Later that day I had decided to tease him. I pulled down my shirt and showed him more of my 36d chest. I raised my hand and asked for help. He was right over me reading my paper so I squeezed my chest tighter. I looked up at him and caught him looking at them. He was blushing. That day he asked me to stay after class. The bell rang I looked over at his desk. He sat there looking back at me and smiling. He asked me to come talk to him and I did. When I got to his desk Mr.J pushed his chair out. He told me that he didn't mean to look down my shirt and it was out of line. I smiled and told him it was ok. I walked over next to him and leaned against his desk. He looked at me with interest. I looked down at his lap and there was a small bulge. He looked down and turned bright red. I just laughed. Mr.J started to say he was sorry but before he could I reached down and grabbed his hand. I put his hand on my leg right at the bottom of my skirt. He looked up at me like a little kid reaching into a cookie jar. I gave him an approving smile. He gave me a smile back and he started to move his hand up my skirt. He got to my ***** and his eyes got a little bigger. I just smiled and said I never wear underwear. Hearing that the small bulge in his pants got larger. Right at that point this guy in my class walked in named Sam. Mr.J quickly removed his hand and tried acting normal. Sam asked his question and left. "this isnt a good place for this" Mr.J said and he wrote something on a slip of paper. He handed it to me and told me to meet him there at 6 and we would finish this. I smiled and agreed. I stood up and walked to my desk to get my stuff. Mr.J stood up and walked towards me. He told me to tell no one where I was going and I said ok. I saw that my notebook was on the ground and I decided to tease Mr.J. I bend down to get it and had my *** up in the air. Mr.J just said u must really like sex. I stood up and whispered in his ear "only when it's with hot guys like you" and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I walked towards the door and looked back at him. He just smiled and said 6 o'clock. I left for my car and he couldn't stop thinking about what will happen that night.

I will finish this story at another time. Hope y'all like this and stay tuned for the end of it.
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We know I think he filmed it and showed it

Very tantalizing and well written. I look forward to reading part 2.


comeon...i was so deep into it.................

Love your story!! Alot

this is like an adult movie story line

so beautiful - add me please - want the end please

God, I want more!

such a good story you need to finish it :P x