I Had Sex With My Teacher

it all started 1 year ago my first day of school i looked att my teacher and the first time i saw her me and her made eye contact i was 15 and he on her early 30`s do she looked like 20 some in about a month i got into troble and she kept me in after school i told her i liked her and she told she did to she automaticly got naked and so did i she grabed my **** and in 30 secends we were having sex every day i stayed after school and had sex with here intil 3 weeks later she called me and told me "im pregnet"idident new what to say then a week later i told her i was moving away and asked her for sex for the last time she said to come during lunch i did and i ****** her extremly hard and then lost toch with here intil last week i say her at the store and she gave me a paper with her phone # i called her at 12 am and she told me to come over so i did and we had sex for the last time
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Your grammar is worse than a first grader.

Bullshit pure bullshit

So did you ever look up the teacher again

Yeah right