I Had Gay Sex With My History Teacher

I had gay sex with my history teacher from school. Although it happened after I actually left school.

I was about 18 or 19 and just begining to explore sex. At the time, in the town where I lived, the only place gays met was in the toilets in the park or on some waste ground outside town. There were no clubs or bars anywhere near.

I'd been in the toilets a couple of times & played some wanking/sucking games with older men. As I was a teenager I was very popular needless to say.

One day in the summer, a few weeks after I'd actually left school I went in the toilets looking for sex. There was a middle aged man standing by the urinals wanking, so I went over and joined him & started wanking too. I looked up & it was my old history teacher. It felt a bit weird but it was really hot. We started ************ each other & once we were both really hard he took me into one of the cubicals, pulled down my trousers and pants and started ******* me bareback. It was the early 80s then & at the time we knew very little about aids so safe sex wasn't something people worried about.

He ****** me vigorously for ages, moaning and sighing behind me and tugging at my **** and kissing the back of my neck. It was really hot & I spurted in his hand before he came. He carried on ******* me hard for about another five minutes before he finally came & moaned with pleasure so loudly I was a bit worried we might be heard. Although if we had been it didn't matter, anyone else in there at that time was probably gay anyway & would have know what we were probably up to.

Afterwards he told me he wanted to **** me some more on a regular basis. So I agreed to come round his house for sex at weekends, usually on the Saturday afternoon. He lived alone so there wasn't any problems with a wife or anyway. I must have had sex with him about five or six times that summer before I went away to university. Each time we'd do much the same things together. We would ***** off naked and grope and kiss each other and start wanking together. One we were both hard he'd lie me on the bed and lube up my bum and start ******* me. I remember he always used to moan really loudly and kiss my neck behind my right ear whilst he ****** me. It turned him on if I bit his pillow whilst he ****** me, so I used to do that for him. After he'd come in me, he'd get off my and get me to sit on his knee naked whilst he kissed me and *********** me to completion.

It was great sex but I stopped seeing him when I went off to Uni.
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Feb 12, 2013