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Being a know-it-all student definitely sums up Kayleigh. She is 
also a believer in if you got it flaunt it, so in her classes she 
one-ups people in answers and test grades and she even confuses most 
of her teachers with her advanced questions. 
But one teacher it’s hard for her to baffle and confuse is Mr. Blake. 
a world history teacher who has in fact traveled the world he can 
easily bring up information on topics that even she doesn't know. He is 
much more critical of Kayleigh's grades than other teachers at the school 
which makes her eager for his attention and praise. Another thing that 
contributes to that feeling is that Mr. Blake is in her eyes the finest 
teacher in the entire school. At 6 foot he is just the right amount taller than her 
but gives them good eye contact and his muscles are strong and compacted  he could lift more than twice her weight. 
She wears 
slightly provocative clothing in order to catch his attention. Her 
shirts are always v-neck, jeans are unbelievably tight and 
accentuate her arse, and if she has a skirts they are shorter than her 
knee. All her clothes are tight enough to show off her curves and flat 
tummy. She notices that sometimes he is fixated on her **** or her arse 
and she is always eager to show them for his viewing pleasure. Well she didn’t know that one afternoon would make all of her dreams come true.
usual she came to school dressed sexily, but not a **** but close 
and she went through the day being her normal know-it-all self until 
finally her day ended with Mr. Blake’s class. She was nervous today for 
some reason always waiting to see if he was watching her or smiling 
at her but nothing! He treated her like a very average student the 
entire lesson! When the bell rang, she got up to leave frustrated 
but she heard his authoritative voice say, “Ms. Kayleigh would you mind 
staying for a while longer? I need to talk to you about something.” Her 
heart started pounding in her chest but she waited near his desk until 
all the students left. She waited and waited and then finally he 
told her to go sit in one of the chairs. she sat down and waited for him
to start speaking to her. Finally, he said, “Kayleigh, I’m very 
disappointed in you.” Her heart plummets and she sat still trying to 
keep the tears back. 
He comes from behind his desk and stands over 
her and says, “Do you think it’s fair what you’re doing to me? You walk 
around in these clothes and show them off for me and you expect me to 
sit there and just take your teasing. You think that just because you 
can make my body lust for you, you little ****, that you can 
control the way I act towards you. Well you’re wrong.” she stare up at 
him in shock, slowly shaking her head back and forth.
“Don’t you
lie to me you little temptress!” He places his hands on her shoulders 
and leans down till his face is right there in her face, her body slowly
melting to his will as he stared at her with those mesmerizing dark 
eyes. “You want me to **** you don’t you?” she shake her head but he 
yells, “Stop lying to me! You want me to force your legs open and tongue
your wet little *****. You want me to throw you over the desk and **** 
your tight little **** till you beg and scream for mercy. I wouldn’t give you mercy 
though I’d just keep going, the way you wanted it, and then I’d **** 
that big sexy ******* arse of yours. You like the sound of that don’t 
you? Don’t you?!” she shake her head desperately trying to break free 
and whisper, “No Mr. Blake I don’t want that.” 
He growls at her and 
cups her ***** under her skirt making her gasp. “That’s not what your 
***** says. Look at you, you’re dripping wet. You’re practically begging
for my **** in you.”
She tremble in his arms looking up at him. “You’re not gonna answer me 
are you? Well then, it seems since you’re such a bad, disobedient girl 
you’re gonna have to be punished.” Before she new what was happening, he bends her over his lap and pulls up her skirt and then removes her 
soaking wet panties by ripping them off in one yank. She struggle to understand 
what’s gonna happen, when a blinding rush of pain explodes on her arse.
WHACK! she
gasps in pain just as another strike comes down. she cry's out tearing 
up as he abuses her arse and spanks her like shes a naughty child again.
He continues to spank only stopping to ask “You ready to admit you want
me to **** you? Had enough punishment yet!” then he would keep spanking
He stopped eventually and she sighed in relief at the chance to
get air but then she felt his hand brushing her inner thighs. Just 
as she realized what he was doing he forced 3 of his thick, fingers 
inside her *****. she gasp in shock and her ***** throbbed painfully 
around his fingers. He fingered her hard and fast stretching her limits 
and when she thought the pleasure couldn’t get any more intense he 
started to spank her again.
kept spanking her and violently ...
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