I Slept With My Teacher

I'm 16 years old and I'm currently in grade 11. My English teacher who is 37 has been giving me obvious hints throughout the course of the year. Things began to escalate as we spend more time together, not only during school but after school as well. He is neither married nor does he have any children. He is very popular among students and has a reputation for being good looking. My friends have even noticed the special treatment he gives me in class, the way he smiles at me upon entering and even the way he hovers around my desk. He teases me on a regular basis and always jokes about me having a boyfriend when the response is always that I don’t. In the following year (this year), I volunteered to help at the school annual open house. At the end of the open house, I and my teacher were helping to pack up and when we were finished it was already 10:30pm. It was pitch black outside and hearing that I would be taking the bus home he offer to drive me. The leather seat in his BMW was so comfortable and the heater was so soothing. When we approached my house all of the lights were out; there wasn’t a single person in sight. I said good night and surprisingly his hand gently brushed my face. Embarrassed, I reached for the handle and he kissed me. Releasing the handle, I eased back into the seat hoping the tinted windows were hiding us in the darkness. Things became increasingly intense and before I knew it, he was in my seat. The penetration was painful yet exciting. Though it probably lasted only more than a minute it felt much longer than that. Gently, he eased back into his seat and putting myself back together I exited the car. Though I did not give him much time to react; he gave me a faint smile and waited until I was safely inside before driving away. Classes now have become very awkward and even though his behavior has not really changed I feel very out of place. I am thinking of switching to a different class but I fear that this may upset him. Just like everyone else I do not want reply telling me to alert the authorities because I believe that I truly love him and could use some advice.
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Its a *very unprofessional relationship you are starting .. and may cause problems...i suggest u get the hell outa there!💃

That's ****** up, if you hook up with him when your 18 and still in school they'll arrest him and put him with the PCs in county. He'll get ****** up by prisoners for being labeled as a rapist. If you want him wait a year after you graduate then you can let him **** you all you want.

Go ahead if u love him



This is so ****** up

Just try to do it again and get to know him more personaly

Sometimes it's good to have that feeling of being in Love with someone & Daydreaming.. But making it real, you might have Regrets later on.. Or unless you two really did got married. Hope you 2 for the Best! ^_^*

That is deep

dont look at him tracyp101

go and have a real good sex with him.. its natural and it will fill all gaps

This is really an awesome story! I feel like you should confront him about it. Maybe one thing will lead to another and it could happen again. My advice is to confront him. Best of luck!

keep up if u love him.....i'll be there for advice as 19 yr...

well the thing is that your under age but until your 18 you can do anything. If you truly love him and he waits until your 18 then that's the one your meant to be with. :)


It sounds completely hot, but perhaps I'd wait the awkwardness out until you finish his class and move on to the next year. Have you seen him since?

Well the only way I can see this work out for both of you is, if you did enjoy it to tell him that but that you were thinking of the consequences and that you feel you need to be educated without the burden of being caught

Go eat a potato and don't listen to these idiots giving you bad advice

Haha that sounds like something if say *virtual high five*

I feel it could have been done in a better way for both of you. Because it happened the way it did, i see it's left many holes in your mind. I think the best way to move on from here is to talk about what this means to both of you. I think you should hang out, and be able to have a safe & open dialogue with your expectations. <br />
<br />
Ideally, I thought maybe this should have happened before, but feel its better for the both of you to talk about regardless

If I were you, I'd talk to him. Settle things. Then, I'd probably put some space between us and switch into another class. Maybe there's a chance y'all can still be friends if you just give each other a little space. Hope things go well.

Now you know why you're not suppose to have sex with your teacher. The same goes for coworkers and bosses.

talk to him about it. you need to know whether he loves to or if it was just lust.

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If I were you I would wait till you graduate to turn him in because if you do it well your in school you will probably be tease, and if you don't want to turn him in maybe he has other girls?

Lot's of states have different laws concerning student-teacher relations. You may be surprised by your situation. I advise not to do it again until much later.

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What he did was wrong. He should have waited till you are a former student(18) before he tried any thing.

Wtf do you mean wait till she's 18 HE SHOULDN'T DO THAT AT ALLLL

Yes your right as a teacher he shouldn't have done that at all.