In year 8(i was 13 i am now 16) i had an amazing science teacher with a smoking hot body she wasn't skinny she was average but she has brilliant curves . One day i was told to wait in her office. She came in and immediately French kissed me. We had sex right there on her desk. I have had sex with her every school day since.

Had 2 tone it down due to my last copy being removed.

I **** hard inside her alot.
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Hey so I have been with my English teacher for almost 6 months now and we are always touching each other in and out of school . I am 13 now but 12 when we started dating and he is 20 , I l ok pretty old for my age so sometimes we go out together out of state though . We have done anal and oral sex a lot but we never had SEX , I know he loves me and I love him too so how could I get him to have sex with me

Who are you trying to fool

Married.the janitor once caught us

Is your teacher married or single that you are having the relationship with. Have you two ever been caught on campus

She is married with 2 kids ones her daughter who i used to date the others her son my best friend. They don't know. She was caught wanking me off by the janitor who said he'd keep quite if he could take a picture of me having anal sex.

So you have dated her daughter and her son is your best friend. that a slippery slop man. Are you still seeing her or is that in the past. I hope the janitor has kept quiet about you two. Unless he got a chances with that lovely teacher him self

Well since then he raped her but he's now in jail untill his hearing

We've also tried 4 a baby but she hasn't tested yet due 2 v trauma

Sorry to hear about that. He was idiot to force him self on her. Sex should be given willingly. I hope you are their for her and her family.

I am her son took it hard. I actually love her it's not like i just like her body

Be there for that family.

Are you and the teacher still having your affair. Or is she in the past.

How was he able to do that with you always around or was it off school grounds or late at night or did he threaten to expose your relationship, she said no and forced himself on her? If at school that place needs more security.

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