Just A Fun Time

Back when I was in the Navy, we had 2 married couples that would come over and eat spaghetti and drink wine or beer with us. One night we got pretty wound up and after the subject of sex got flowing, us guys chided the girls into going nude for us. After a lot of teasing, we all got naked and we talked the wives into doing a can-can type of dance for us. Made us all pretty horny, but there was no playing around with anyone other than our own spouses. Eventually, when my wife and I were sitting on the floor we were feeling up each other and got carried away. I rolled over onto her and had put my **** in her and pulled a couple of strokes when one of the other wives saw us and decided that things had gotten carried away and that they needed to leave. So we all got up and they all dressed and left. After they left, we went to our bedroom and tried to screw our brains out. One fantastic **** for sure. We did all keep having parties together and going naked together but never did have sex in front of each other. It was fun.
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Jul 17, 2010