***** Poker Fun

My first wife and I would often go for regular dinner parties with my best mate and his wife,we were all very good friends.
One night we got round the house to find we had were being joined by his brother and sister in law.
It was a really good night and we were soon very drunk my wife and i were sat on the floor with everyone else claiming the comfy seats,my mate suggested a game of ***** poker we all laughed and agreed to join in ,soon we were all naked i was quite young at the time and my wife was very pretty with a great body the other gut there commented on how fit my wife looked and his wife's reply was that i looked good to.
Everyone was looking at my wife and i for some reason this turned me on soon i was sat there with a fully hard erection the girls were laughing and the guys were lets say impressed too.
To my surprise my wife looked at my **** and then proceeded to stroke it,saying things like rrrr in wants to play ,and yes i did without even thinking of the people watching she began to suck my **** i quickly positioned myself in the 69 position and was really enjoying myself,i became aware of complete silence and looked up to see everyone watching ,i rolled my wife over and spread her legs wide and made sure the lads could see her open gash before inserting my ****,she responded immediately and quickly turned over so she was taking it doggy style ,i started slowly allowing everyone a good view of my **** going in and out ,though i could not take this for long and began furiously pumping away my wife was making the sounds which i knew that she had *** and i could take no more and thrust hard inside her i came with a gush and we turned to each other and kissed before she went down to suck me clean.
It was as if we were in our own world then our friends started to clap we all laughed the guys were sat with bloody great hard ons but there wives told them they were not going to get the same treatment,I was more than content but we all agreed to keep this night between ourselves,which we have to this very day but have never forgotten that night.
Gibbo1 Gibbo1
41-45, M
Aug 9, 2010