Showing Off In Front Of My Friend

A couple of years ago I had to go to Buffalo, NY for some training in my company and when I told my friend (who lives about an hour away from Buffalo) about my being there for training, he insisted that I come to visit and that he would pick me up. I told him that would be great, but it have to be about 3 weeks after my training started because if was such an intense training that I had to totally focus on the class but would be happy to visit with him and his wife for a couple of days.
Well the training went off okay and after the 3rd week, I gave him a call. He said that he would be there to pick me up the next morning. The next morning arrived and we left for their place. After arriving, I found out that my wife had flown up the night before and was waiting on my to get there. It was cold out so we spend most of the day inside and had a few beers while catching up on old times.
We all started getting a little tipsy and of course the conversation turned to sex. We talked about things that we had experienced in the past and a lot of it was about going nude and enjoying skinny dipping and the such. I suggested that why don't we go nude now, here in the house since there was no one around to see us. My wife was reluctant but she didn't refuse and my buddys wife said she would if my wife would. I didn't wait and started to take off my clothes and my buddy quickly followed. When we were down to our underwear, we chided out wifes to do the same. After a lot of teasing, they decided they take everything off but their panties. That was okay with my friend and I. But we didn't stop at just our underwear, we went ahead and took everything off. Completely nude. At first we both got hardons and our wives just looked at us in astonishment. They couldn't believe that we did it, but they wouldn't go any further. So we sat and talked and drank a few more beers and eventually decided that it would be best if we went to bed and get some sleep. My friends wife was pretty looped and had passed out in her reclinder anyway, so we headed to the bedrooms.
The bedrooms were directly across from each other and since we had already seen each other nude, we decided to leave our door open. When my wife and I laid down, we started playing with each other and lucky me, I got her panties off and started playing with her *****. I had left a bed lamp on so I could see and enjoy her and unknown to her, I had left it on so that my buddy could watch and enjoy. Which he did because when I started playing with her, I looked over to the door and could just barely see him in the shadows of their bedroom door looking in. The very thought of someone watching made me so hard that it felt like it was going to burst. Anyway after I got her panties off and had played with her ***** (which was very wet), I climbed on top of her, spreading her legs so he and I could see what a beautiful ***** she had. The foot of our bed was facing the doorway, so my buddy could see it all. As soon as I climbed over on her and got her lets spread, I slipped my **** into that wonderful ***** of hers and started humping. I kept my legs spead so that he could see my **** going in and out of her *****. We ****** for quite a while and when I came, I felt like I was going to explode. I looked around and there was my friend taking in every movement we were making. Knowing that he was seeing everything just highetened everything and caused me to blow my wad. It was fantastic. After I came, I got the kleenex off the night stand so we could clean up and I saw that my friend had retreated off in to the darkness of their room. Every day for the next three days, I tried to get my wife to give him some *****, but she never could bring herself to do it. I would have loved to have watched that.
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I love it when people see my boyfriend and I having sex. It's such a turn on.

Ah, very arousing being watched! I know affect it can provide especially for a wife who likes to pretend she doesn't know she is being watched! It fuels their desire and makes for some really hot sex! Great story...I am sure your friend will always keep his doors open for you in hopes you will keep the door open for him again:) dc

I reallly got into that story , turned me on good.