Nude Hot Tubbing

It was our first night at Hedonism iii and we went straight to the nude hot tub to see what all the fuss was about. Prior to 11:00 pm it's a pretty quiet place so we decided to join the party in the piano bar and drank heavily. Afterward, we made our way back to the nude side and enjoyed watching a very attractive couple perform oral with the couple next to them. Before I knew it, my husbands throbbing **** was prying its way into my buttocks. We didn't even make it back into the hot tub. We ****** on the lounge chairs in front of several very interested couples.

chloedubois chloedubois
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9 Responses Dec 11, 2008

I think four out of ten hot tubs are purchased my people who had read stories about how they can promote spontaneous sex between people who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

I have been there also and it is a wonderful time. I'm looking to go back soon. You guys have any plans to go back again. We would love to go with another couple. Let me know.

How adventurous for you to go there. If that was just the first night... how was the rest of the trip?

Nothing is more enjoyable than do it in the public when everybody is looking and enjoying and encouraging you.

Great's such a turn-on, isn't it?

Nothing quite like being watched is

I woudl really love to attend!

Lovely way to spend a night :-)

jamaica is a terific place