At Burning Man

J and I were airbrushed, she as Superwoman me a  Boy Wonder. It was three years ago. J and i watched a couple making out naked, pretty plain people ...The crowd were lingering around them and not playing attention to us,, It looked like we had clothes on they were pretty in the makeout scene J and I started kissing and  touching... I was getting very hard as she was jacking off me off i started to stick my **** between her legs so I could hide it but had to be careful as the paint we had on cost us lots andI didn't want to wreck the look....We had a blanket we layed down next to everybody about 50-60 people  and started a very passionate makeout scene....... people were very close to us taking photos and edging us on some guys had there **** out some girls played with them selves.... J slipped my **** in we came in about five minutes  got up and lef with lost of cheers and hand shaking, I was shure that security was going to stop us but didn't care ...what were they going to do/

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Beautiful account, loved it. But please try to improve your spelling and grammar, I found a considerable amount of ambiguity due to that and had to pick my way through your account to get a clear picture of what you were trying to say. Microsoft Word has a spell checker that would catch most of your misspellings. I find the grammar checker useless. Maybe you could write it in Word first, correct your misspellings, and then copy & paste into the text editor here. <br />
<br />
But that said, great account.