Why Not

My husband and I have had sex in front of people many times and why not.  To us going naked, which we do since we both work from home and see no reason to wear clothes and having sex is just a normal thing no different then playing tennis, going to the movies or out to dinner.  It is just something people do for fun.  There are only two mamals on the planet that have sex for fun...humans and dolphins.  Maybe the common population of society could learn something from dolphins instead of being so stuck up.  We are both avid swingers and love doing it with friends in front of each other.  We stay in the same room and keep the lights on and if friends want to take pictures and maked videos of us we never say no.

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5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Only wish i could see there photos and videos.

Just curious, what do your friends do with the pics & videos? Do you have a bunch on the 'net? How do you feel about it?

We are not so much free.May be I am and can but my wife is very shy.Sex is the thing which is to be hidden from all.She likes when people think that we do not have sex at all.

I once had sex with over 20 people watching. No problem. I have no modesty.

The Bonobos (pigmy Chimps) also have sex for fun. I always wanted to grow up and be a bononbo! Sounds like you and yours are perfectly happy and having a good time!