Adventure Part - 1

Part - 1

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, I and my wife had decided to pack the picnic basket, load up the jeep and drive up in mountains. While she prepared the food, I iced down some soft drinks and wine. We loaded up and were on the road by 10:00am, a day together alone.

She looked radiant dressed in white shorts, tank top and shirt made of a thin transparent linen material with a white bra and thong underneath. I got extremely excited riding along looking with her blowing hair and the contrast between her white undies and her dark tanned skin which was very visible through the sheer material. She noticed the bulge in my shorts, she smiled leaned toward me, reached down and grab my **** and squeezed it. At the same time she kissed my ear and whispered that she loved me. I responded by telling her how much I loved her. Even though we were still on the main highway with no top on the jeep she unzipped my shorts pulled my **** out and started sucking it. God was I hot and horny. I reached down ran my hand up her thigh, underneath the loose legs of her shorts until I found her shaven wet ***** and inserted two fingers. She moans as I did so. Needless to say I slowed enough that other vehicles were passing and blowing their horns.

Ahead I noticed an antique store that she had said she would like to visit someday. I asked if she wanted to stop and she did. She stuffed my **** back in my shorts and I removed my fingers as we pulled in the parking lot. The man running the store could not keep his eyes off her as we walked around the store. Every once in a while I would catch him feel his **** through his pants. Of course she was doing everything she could to turn the guy on. She finally found a figurine she wanted to buy. Once we got to the counter she asked the gentleman if he took cheque and he said yes. She made sure that when she was writing the check that she bent over far enough so that he could look down her tank top.

We both laughed as we got into the jeep and continued our journey. (Watch out for what happened later….)

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Feb 14, 2010