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Drunk Neighbor

My next door neighbors in my apartment complex are a woman and daughter and the daughter came home drunk or stoned from a Halloween party and tried her key in my door and started banging on my door at 1am or so when the key didn't work. I woke up and opened my door and she just pushed her way in and crashed on my futon. Her skirt was all hiked up and I got some ideas. Before I did much she got sick and I took her to the bathroom where she prayed to my porcelain god. Cleaned her up and washed out her mouth and then she was fine but still wasted. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she said yes and without me doing anything she ******** and let me put her in bed. I did think about it for a sec and then I ******** and got in with her fine body. She kissed me back when I kissed her and when she rolled on her back I got on top and was soon balls deep in her fine ***** and I thought about her getting pregnant for a bit and then blew my wad in her tight ******. She was like a bunny with me all night long and into the morning when we both went to sleep. It was noon when I got up and she was still wasted but coming down and I ****** her again and dumped my fifth or sixth load of *** in her. Around six that night she finally woke up with a killer hangover and went home, next door. Yesterday she and her mom get back from church and she comes over and tells me she's pregnant and it can only be mine. I don't know what happens next but here I am.



bigbadwolf75092 bigbadwolf75092 56-60, M 8 Responses Oct 9, 2011

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lolz yah it can only b yrs cuz she such a lil prude she cud of never did nuthin wif any other guyz b4 huh? =P fuckn hot story! =)

What! It happens. But the truth is; If you were married to her you could be ******* her you can to get her pregnant and it won't happen that quick.. good story.

Your a GREAT story writer..

Thank you....It is easy to be a good writer when you have good material to write about...Interested in supplying me with some fresh material to write about?


It's a case of the devil in you, lack of ability to think with a hard on, a desire to have children, or obsessive compulsive bareback sex. Or all of the above. I have to admit I have had the chance to do the same when young, having had the girl shower and lay down on my bed, but just couldn't make myself do it. It was so long ago I have trouble remembering, but I think I remember laying on the bed and kissing and some fingering. She was cute and good looking. I got up and left her there to recover

my daugter had gf over botu them were 16 they went out an came home drunk my daughter just started stripping as soon as she walk in by the time she hti the bed she was naked laying on to of the bed her gf drink also stumbling aorund she got sick in bathroom i clena her up help her to the bed took off her pants an top she had no bra an wearing these cute yellow bikni panty she took the off laid on the bed my daughter sound alseep i took my time rub her hairless ***** an then started to tongue her she spread her legs wide open leaving me the chance to enter into her

Did you *** in her?


I hope you tell me the rest of the story

it was nice time when they were that age an drink

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Very hot.