Young Girl Of 11

I have a few stories about how i started having sex at 11. Check out my stories
clevebver clevebver 51-55, F 8 Responses Nov 18, 2011

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I was ************ by age 4 but my first sexual experience was when I was twelve . The neighbor girl was also twelve. She showed me how to put my penis inside her. I also did it with her cousin who was 8 and they liked it so much that we played together naked a lot after that.

Cant find a story about when you were 11. Only when you were 12.
Post the title or a link please?

i was 12 when I gave a ******* for the first time and 13 when I was ******. I was also 13 when I started giving ********.

Really were born for sex...what is his name clever?
I was 18 she was thirty she made me. I'm very proud to know what she taught me!

Hi clevebver,<br />
I to, started at a young age, 8 to be exact. I carried on with this mum and dad of my friends for a few years before they moved away. Enjoyed it greatly. Even spent a whole night, nude, in bed between them one Christmas. On the pretext of a sleepover with my friends. What a present I got that night.

i ****** when i was young 15 yrs , i like ******* too much. i ****** many many womens , but i never got chance to **** virgine girl. sex is good enjoyment we must enjoy if we get chance.

I will read your stories, love to know more about an 11 year old starting, I hope it wasn't devostating to you, My first time was 12. love for you to be a friend, add me please

I haven't been brave enough to post my story about early sex yet, will read yours, see how close we were in how it came about.