My Neighbour

well i put a profile up on a dating site called zoosk i was looking for a boyfriend, and this man contacted me on messenger and we spoke quite a few times i enjoyed talking to this stranger he knew who iwas i had no idea who he was it took me months to realise that it was the guy just across the road. we then met up and become **** buddies. this went on for like a month then i realised i liked him and wanted to become more then that but he never asked me so i met another guy from that site and become his girlfriend but my neighbour kept texting me and sending me flowers via text and i knew i was ment to go back to the neighbour so i broke it off with this other guy and told the neighbour then he finally asked me out we have now been together 2 years and i love him so much this man hade been living over the road for 3 years and we never spoke it took a dating site for us to speak and im glad we found each other
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Thats nice...

SO DID U MAKE LOVE WITH HIM ON BED ANY TIME??wud love if you share how hot you both are on bed??

I was looking thru my friends heathers list of friends and saw you, i would like to be friends with you if its ok, i like meeting and chatting with different people..

he has now become my husband


Yes its nice to Love your neighbor.

we are now engaged


wish i could find me a women like that :) lol all the ones i talk to are like miless away

life is funny male in melbourne here if you would like to chat it is good to see other people from australia here

its good it all worked out.. my street is full of single guys lol sux for me lol