I Thought I Was Just Going To Help For A Minute

My neighbor liked to drink with his buddies after work. His wife called one night and asked if I could go pick him up as she had to get the kids to sleep.

When I got back to his house he was passed out and I could barely get him to stir. We managed to get him in ans his wife tucked him in and asked me to wait a minute. She came out and thanked me and asked if my wife was upset. I assured her no this is what neighbors do. She thanked me and hugged me. I started to release the embrace and she kept holding on so I put my arms back around her.

She kept thanking me and started rubbing my back. This obviously aroused me and I guess her too. She thanked me for helping and "holding" her.

From there it progressed and I am not a good writer but we were both very happy after. We were always very neighborly after and never mentioned that night again.
DanManOR DanManOR
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Sounds like a sweet neighbor. Did her hubby or your wife ever find out about your fling with her. Every buddy would want a sexy neighbor like that.