New Neigbours - First Experience

One day new neighbours moved in next door. They were out in their back yard one day and I went over to say hello. Greg was just leaving for work so it was just Cindy and I in their backyard.

It was a hot day and we were all in our shorts. Cindy and i were talking about how hot it was. She then asked it it was Okay if she took her top off. I was shocked but said I did not mind. She had a high fence and no one could see in.

Feeling a little daring I also took my top off. I noticed my nipples were very hard and so were Cindy's. We continued to talk and she said that my stomach was looking red. So she reached over and started to put sun tan lotion on my stomach. This sent goose bumps through my body and i was feeling very excited. I think Cindy noticed but just kept rubbing the sun tan lotion and slowly moving up to my boobies. She just kept talking and rubbing gently rubbed my nipples.

I could not help myself but to reach over and touch her nipples. we looked each other in eye and slowly moved together for the best kiss I ever had. She was so gentle and I could still feel Cindy's hard nipples touching mine.

We layed on the grass and Cindy continued to take the lead and slipped off my shorts and panties. she rubbed her nipples and hands all over my body. i was so wet and horny.

As her butt was towars me I slipped my hand under her shorts and rubbed her butt. I undid her shorts and pulled off her panties. She had a shaven ***** just like mine. Her **** was so hard i knew she was enjoying it also.

We went into a 69 and i started to *** immediately. the first wave was intense and Cindy kept going and kept *******. Each time thinking it was over another wave would come. Inbetween my ****** I could feel Cindy tighten up anf *** all over me also. We each had wave after wave of *******.

When we finally we done we layed together hold each other on the grass.

That was our first encounter and i still get a warm feeling when i tink of it.
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2012

Wow, hot story hunni

mm i like to been there to see you two play

Nice neighbour to have - instant satisfaction. My neighbour has a nice wife, I wonder if she is into kinky stuff?

maybe you should find out if she is into the kinky stuff