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Sex In A Poopy Diaper - Very Hot And Very Intimate

You really have to love and trust the person you share an experience like this with, in my opinion:)

My ex and I used to wet and mess our diapers together. Whichever one of us pooped first would get the pleasure of feeling the poop against our *** so i guess it was a contest of sorts. When one of us would poop in our diaper, the other would open it up and sit on the wet [part (and sometimes the poopy part depending on how much one of us had pooped in our pants. If it was me who'd pooped, my ex would open and then pull the diaper over his *** tofeel the part I'd already wet and maybe feel a little of my poop against his ***/ then (unless he decided to poop in our shared diaper) he would put his penis inside me and we would **** in my/our messy and wet diaper.
I will have to re-write this sober. I am soaked right now and in the next 2 minutes, I'm going to poop in my pants.. have to focus. Love you, sillies! xoxo
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Awesome story and I have daydreamed of a scenario like this. ( my heart is thumping) = )

sounds fun Lacey!

Do you ever poop in yout big girl pants?

Thanks for sharing Lacey.<br />
It was one of my fantasies to get inside the same pair pants or diaper with a lover.<br />
But I've always to shy to admit this fetish to any of my partners.

I was once ****** in a ****** diaper and it was different

amazing! all i can say lol.

Hmmm, bf works for fed gov eh!? That is scary thou. Lol<br />
<br />
You can always create yourself a new gmail email address for instance, you know. It takes 5 minutes and you are setup. Anyway, I can't call you and I can't instant message will at the office either. I'll maybe try to buy some EPTokens so i can message you but not today.

Unfortunately, girl like you is really rare and they don't advertise it on popular meeting board. It's probably more common then we think but it's hard to get to know the fetishes of strangers.